What to do if you are present during an epileptic fit

What to do if you are present during an epileptic fit
March 26 - Purple Day, an international event designed to draw attention to epilepsy.Seizures can happen to anyone.We describe how to act in a similar situation.

According to WHO statistics, 50 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy.While it is now developed an effective treatment to help prevent attacks, three-quarters of people with epilepsy do not receive treatment, but simply tolerate his illness, experiencing recurrent attacks.

In addition, seizure - this is not necessarily epilepsy.Almost one in ten people at least once in their lives experienced seizures.

Most often the attacks occur spontaneously, but in some cases, a person feels an attack coming and can do something about it.

Sometimes attacks are provoked: convulsive epileptic seizure can occur when certain actions - for example, in the flickering light, which occurs when driving through on a sunny day past board fence or at the disco light.Flicker increases convulsive readiness of the brain, and in the presence of a predispositio

n may be an attack of convulsions.

epilepsy are different - sometimes they appear simple brief interruption of consciousness, stupor, in which a person for some time just stands still, there may be bouts of laughter or unjustified aggression or twitches, grimaces.However, first-aid, of course, require a classic seizures.

seizure can lead to death.For example, inhalation of saliva and blood, suffocation can occur when the tongue.If there was an attack at the wheel, the cause of death could be accident.Death may occur at or immediately after the attack due to irreversible damage to the brain neurons.Quite frequent causes of death in patients with epilepsy become suicide and drowning.Therefore, patients with epilepsy need to adhere to certain safety regulations.

First Aid attack epilepsy

Classic epileptic fairly bright, it is difficult with something confused: a man falls, rolls his eyes, curved arc due to contractions of muscles of the back, legs unnaturally bent and too tense, you can see the twitching - seizures, mouth can go a foam, the patient may emit different sounds, wheezing.

If you are going on an attack of epilepsy, it is necessary ...

  1. First of all, to ensure the safety of the victim.For example, to pull out of the water, if the attack occurred during bathing.In the event of an attack from the driver behind the wheel of passengers is important not to get lost in the first place to take control into their own hands - to fix the steering wheel, to include "emergency gang".Remove the driver's foot off the accelerator, most likely, will not work, do not even try - it is better just turn the ignition key, use the handbrake.When the car stops, you need to expand the driver's seat so that he was in a supine position.
  2. Lock start time attack.
  3. Undo collar, ease of air access.If the attack takes place in the room, ask them to open the window.
  4. Turn your head to the affected side, and place it on something soft - for example, on his lap.Keep hands and feet do not.Runs down the cheek, saliva wipe with a handkerchief.
  5. Roll tight piece of cloth (a handkerchief, for example) and place it between your teeth to the victim is not in the throes of his tongue.If the teeth unlock does not work, do not try to do it by force.
  6. The victim may stop breathing.Do not worry, it will be restored.The attack lasts several minutes.
  7. involuntary urination may occur at the end of the attack, cover the victim.
  8. After seizures turn patient on side, place a pillow under his head, let him rest and recover.
  9. Suggest victim accompany him home.

What with epilepsy do not have to scour

  • victim in search of drugs.
  • attract the attention of passers-by to call for help, to create panic.
  • Giving the patient to smell ammonia, pour cold water, give artificial respiration.
  • fixed final victim, bind them, or simply keep.

call an ambulance when an epileptic seizure is usually not required, the patient is aware of his condition and there is a doctor, who adjusts his treatment.

There are only a few situations in which you need to call an ambulance in epilepsy:

  • attack occurs first;
  • attack happened to a pregnant woman, a child or an elderly person;
  • seizure lasts more than 3 minutes;
  • victim never regained consciousness after the seizure of more than 10 minutes;
  • during the attack were injured.

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