In Russia, it was the World Day to Combat stroke

October 29 in 40 countries, was the World Day to Combat stroke.Its purpose - to attract the attention of as many people to the problem of stroke, risk factors, and learn to recognize the impact, to help in time.

in Russia was organized by "Orbi" Inter-regional public fund for aid to relatives of patients with stroke, with the support of the National Association for Combating stroke (NABI), Research Institute of cerebrovascular pathology and stroke Rnrmu Medical University them.Pirogov and FGBU GNITS Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health of Russia.

What a stroke - the only problem is people between the ages - one of the stereotypes that often have unfortunate consequences.According to statistics, about 12% of strokes occur in people under the age of 40 years.And this number is growing every year.

One of the tasks of the day - to make a number of well-known facts about stroke and its prevention, as well as learn to recognize stroke.It can not hurt only the people from him, but also a close friend or

relative, someone could become ill in the street.If a person knows the symptoms of a stroke, he would promptly call an ambulance and rescue the victim.

In Russia, as in many countries, where held on this day, a free screening diagnosis was established.Everyone could check the risk of stroke in themselves.This could be done in 15 regions.In Moscow, there are 50 health centers.

tells Daria Lisichenko, president of the "orbit" of the fund: "This year we made two big things.Firstly, we have organized a profile rapid diagnosis in 15 regions and checked out a lot of people.Secondly, on the Flashmob in Gorky Park, we have launched an international symbol of the fight against this disease - a blue ribbon.Our goal - to as many people know the signs of stroke, were able to recognize it and at the right time can help your neighbor.This is why we carry out such activities, because through social action can reach more people and to teach the constant care of their health and the health of their loved ones. "

eve, October 28, at the Park of Culture and Rest Gorky took flash mob in support of people with stroke and their families.Participants lined up around the pond and tied the Pioneer of the blue ribbons of hope line.

October 29 in the shopping center "Atrium" during the day everyone could write wishes of good health to their families and relatives, or simply unfamiliar people and bind them to the central balcony railing.

evening at the cinema "wick", a charity screening of the new film by Michael Haneke's "Love", received the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.Part of the proceeds from ticket sales went to "orbit" fund.

World Day to Combat stroke held in Russia since 2010.

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