Nutrition and diet after gallbladder removal

Nutrition and diet after gallbladder removal
Despite the fact that modern medicine is used for cholecystectomy less traumatic laparoscopic method, a specific diet and strict diet after gallbladder removal - a prerequisite of the recovery period.

Bile - are the most important secret in the process of digestion.It is produced in the liver, and then flows through bile ducts to the gallbladder, which accumulates and is excreted into the duodenum when needed.

When the gallbladder is removed, bile loses its reservoir accumulates in the liver ducts and in need of constant removal therefrom.When stagnation of bile in the biliary tract stone formation and inflammation occurs, and therefore the meaning of cholecystectomy (surgery to remove the diseased gallbladder) will be reduced to zero.

special diet after gallbladder removal promotes rehabilitation agencies and avoiding complications.

strict diet after gallbladder removal

Thanks to advances in modern medicine surgery to remove the gallbladder is performed without incision, laparoscopically through

a puncture of the abdominal wall.So, with minimal trauma to all the tissues and organs.

This significantly reduces the post-operative recovery period, and very strict diet is required only in the first few days after the removal of the gallbladder.

  • In the early hours of hunger is shown, and then allowed to drink (tea or water).
  • The next day may be administered to vegetable soups, light vegetarian soups.
  • on 3-4 th day diet can be supplemented with vegetables, meat and fish sauce, greatly tenderized and mashed cereals.
  • On the 7th day is allowed to cook steam cutlets (meat should be put through a meat grinder 2-3 times).
  • meal should be 6-7 times a day, but not later than 2 hours before bedtime.

further recommended to adhere to the following general recommendations on the simple diet after gallbladder removal (diet №5).

Prohibited foods in the diet after gallbladder removal

  • all products containing extractives and essential oils: pepper, mustard, horseradish, onions, garlic, sorrel, radishes, radish, mushrooms, smoked, pickled foods, concentrated meat, fish, mushroom broth, hot sauce;
  • refractory fats: mutton, pork, beef, goose;
  • digestible carbohydrates: sweet butter;
  • foods rich in crude fiber: peas, beans, rye bread;
  • very cold foods (ice cream) and beverages (carbonated water), which may cause spasm of the biliary tract and bile stasis in them.

Approved products in the diet after gallbladder removal

  • imperfect vegetable broth with the addition of cereals;
  • lean beef or chicken;
  • lean fish (especially useful for sea fish - it promotes the absorption of fats);
  • dairy products, dishes made from curd (puddings, casseroles), sour cream with low-fat;
  • scrambled eggs, boiled eggs (hard boiled prohibited!);
  • vegetable fats and butter (small amount);
  • cereals (buckwheat, rice, oats);
  • vegetables, steamed or stewed;
  • sweet fruits (sour berries and fruit are excluded);
  • as a dessert you can eat jam, marshmallows, candy, a little honey.


preparing food preparing food during a diet after gallbladder removal, watch and temperature of food intake.Too cold food may cause spasm of the bile ducts.Just be adversely affected and too hot food.Food should be warm, about 36 degrees.

necessary to monitor the amount of fluid you drink, it should be no more than 1.5 liters per day.Excessive drinking will be generated too much bile.

After one or two years after the removal of the gall bladder diet can be relaxed.For example, you can let the fresh vegetables, but the main points of the diet after gallbladder removal should be followed for life.

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