What medical insurance is best

Roman Fishkin
Private medical insurance is guaranteed: you will get to the right specialist and will not stand in queues.At issue is the most important thing - the effectiveness of treatment.

Why does it happen, says CEO for the organization of individual health care Liberta Medica Roman Fishkin.

- Once upon a time many of us gladly embraced the opportunity to purchase health insurance.However, over time it revealed: alas, it does not guarantee that you will get the necessary assistance.What is the reason?

- The reason is that private medicine in Russia is still no.And in our country, private medicine - especially business.

in private clinics for each doctor there is a certain plan - on the volume of finance rather than by the number of cured patients.Most of the clients of private clinics - companies that buy health insurance to their employees.

The relationship between the insurance company and the private clinic the patient is generally a third party.Task clinics - to make it as much as possible, and the t

ask of the insurance company - to pay as little as possible, so they are fighting for each study, for each analysis.A patient does not get up in the result.

- And what, in your opinion, the way out?To stand in queues in urban clinics, in which, moreover, often do not have the right people, it is also not an option.

- In my opinion, today an alternative to popular risk insurance can be a deposit of annual maintenance program.Private companies offer them primarily to residents of Moscow and the Moscow region.The patient puts on deposit a certain sum.If he had not appealed, the money it takes a year or leave them for another year if the level of service he gave.

This program provides a lot of opportunities.Emergency hospitalization, call an ambulance, a planned appeal to anyone skilled in the art, the treatment abroad.

Possibility of a second opinion: do you see a doctor, but you have doubts about how qualified you consulted.The patient can send documents, and he will give the conclusion, that is, to come for a consultation with a specialist who is the most authoritative in the field.Very often in clinics have the opportunity to assemble a council, to conduct an online consultation, including with foreign experts.

You can contact with any problem.But here it is necessary to understand: because today there are no private clinics in all regions primarily offer the patient to come to Moscow.If you need to help him to carry.Often it is cheaper than the usual walk on endlessly clinics in the community.

- But when it comes to one-time services, a person can pay for them all at once?

- Of course.You can make a transfer or pay cash.Deposit for the person - it's a kind of insurance in emergency situations.For example, an urgent need to consult or surgery, but no money on hand.In this case the deposit: the amount deducted from it must be agreed with the client.

annual attachment program provides services and permanent family doctor.He can be reached at any time and ask any question, such as what a tablet is better to drink.

- today one of the most popular forms of health care services - check-up (Check up).What used to be called clinical examination.

- now offers check up is perfectly suited for business people.You spend two hours a day, and two more - you can to another and as a result get an objective picture of your health and understand what you need to pay attention.In conclusion, the patient talks to a general practitioner, to give clear recommendations what to do and what kind of lifestyle, carry on.Programs not only convenient, but also inexpensive, they can afford a lot of people.Survey cost ranges from 15,000 rubles

- Where is it held?

- mainly in the best private clinics.

Today we all understand: free high-quality medicine is still not possible.People are willing to pay, but they want the medical care provided to them was really high quality.And we are ready to help them find it.But very much that they themselves were not afraid to wish for better, learn it better to demand.After all, there is nothing more expensive than health.

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