I need a kidney donor: what to do

I need a kidney donor: what to do
procedure for kidney transplantation is long enough.In addition to training, and a comprehensive medical examination of the recipient considerable time spent on searching for a suitable kidney donor.

impaired excretion of metabolic products in chronic renal failure.Nitrogenous compounds accumulate in the blood and lead to intoxication.In severe renal failure and hemodialysis show a kidney transplant.

list of diseases that can lead to renal failure, and as a consequence, the need for a donor kidney, large: glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, kidney cancer, diabetes, gout, and others.

Who can become a donor kidney

kidney transplant can be obtained from the patient or a relative of the dead people whose bodies, according to medical indications and in vivo permission of the donor or his family can be used for transplantation to another person.

Due to the shortage of organs from deceased donors, patients have to wait years for the transplantation, therefore increasing distribution receives donation of

live kidney.

As a rule, the relatives of the patient appear as living kidney donors.Also kidney donor can be any adult person with good health.Furthermore, it has in the recipient and must be compatible blood type.

waiting list

If the patient has no contraindications, after the results of all the necessary tests will wear it on a waiting list.This is a list of patients who need a kidney transplant.Also in the waiting list figures reflect the patient survey, the most important of which are the data on human antigens.Taking into account all the parameters of the existing data base computer picks up a couple of "donor-recipient".

kidney waiting time can take anywhere from several weeks to several years, as the need of organs is much more than a kidney donor.

In addition, a lot depends on blood group, the presence of antibodies and immunological reactivity.Therefore, for many patients the only way out of the situation is becoming a donor kidney from a relative or an independent search for a kidney donor.

Donor Kidney ad

Until recently, the only genetic relatives of the patient can appear as a living kidney donor, but with the entry into force in November 2011, the Federal Law №323, regulating the procedure of organ transplantation, the situation has changed.Article 47 of the new law does not impose restrictions on family ties donor and patient.

In this regard, a huge number of offers for the sale of the donor kidney.The price of this body ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands of euros, depending on the age and health of the donor, but the potential recipients should remember that these ads are illegal.

any form of trade is prohibited by law in the Russian authorities, including providing for the payment in the form hidden fees or compensation.In addition, doctors are not allowed to participate in the operation if there is a suspicion that the bodies were the subject of the transaction.

Also, according to police statistics, most of the authors of ads kidney - crooks.

Living kidney donation involves a voluntary and gratuitous donation of the body.


Even if the patient is self-will of the donor before transplant procedure he will undergo a lot of formalities.For example, the donation is not allowed those of the recipient is any dependency, including overhead.

donor must give written consent for the operation, which means that the person is aware of all the potential dangers during and after surgery.The final decision on the admissibility of the donation receives a consultation of medical specialists.

Currently, a project for constructing an optimal algorithm kidney exchange between potential donors transplantologicheskimi centers.The chain of mutual donation can significantly speed up the procedure for obtaining a kidney and as a result, save more than a dozen lives.

surveys required before transplantation

  • general analysis of blood and urine
  • study of electrolyte metabolism, the concentration of urea, creatinine, RW, the presence of antibodies to HIV
  • X-ray examination of the chest
  • Electrocardiography
  • Gastroscopy
  • USinternal organs
  • gynecological examination for women
  • Inspection dentist and an otolaryngologist

Immediately before surgery has a number of additional survey conducted at the medical center.

Contraindications for kidney transplantation

  • incurable malignant tumor
  • Infectious diseases in the acute stage
  • Severe general diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, liver, which can lead to death after surgery for a kidney transplant
  • Mental disorders andaddiction
  • AIDS

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