The new health care Russia : Risks and Opportunities

November 21, 2012 held the first practical conference "New health of Russia", organized by the Central Research Institute of organization and informatization of Health, Ministry of Health.

conference is devoted to the opportunities and risks for organizations working in the health sector under the implementation of laws and regulations, changes in the powers of state bodies of different levels, the introduction of the new financing mechanism industry.

Conference Speakers - leading employees of federal institutions of the Russian Ministry of Health, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, expert organizations participating in the development of strategic development programs of the Russian Federation, senior specialists, heads of regional health.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the provisions of the legislative innovations, which were previously not publicly covered and discussed.This will be the most versatile and sought-after expert of the organization.

Conference topics is extensive and allows you to expand the discussion of representatives of drug manufacturers, medical equipment and medizdely, providers of automated information-analytical systems, personnel and consulting agencies, insurance companies, banks, engineering and design organizations.


  • Reducing the budget financing is becoming a reality today.How this will affect the health actors?
  • Powers in health care transferred from the municipalities of the Federation.Who will carry out public procurement and who are now in the money for health care?
  • How will the cancellation of vicarious liability on health care organizations in the transition of budgetary institutions in the new status?Waiting for them there in the event of bankruptcy debt?What are the sources of repayment of debts?
  • As the introduction of orders and the provision of medical care standards will affect the redistribution of demand for products and services?
  • In what form will monitor the implementation of the provisions on the limitation of activities of pharmaceutical and other companies?
  • The federal contract system will be different from 94 of the Federal Law?What will happen with the health organizations and market participants in reality?
  • How new laws are coordinated with each other?What are the secrets of the implementation of new laws in practice?

Participation fee - 25 000 rubles (including VAT);with the participation of more than one representative organizations have discounts.

Conference dates: November 21, 2012 Registration of participants at 9.00

Venue: Business Center "Borodino", Moscow, Rusakovskaya street.d. 13

For participation, please contact the Director of the Department of the organization of conferences, exhibitions and tourism "Comtech-Consult" Larissa Volkova +7 (495) 995-76-17

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