Appendicitis : postoperative

Appendicitis : postoperative
appendectomy is considered one of the easiest abdominal operations.However, if the operation was carried out at the wrong time, or if it is not sustained strategy of the postoperative period, the situation can be difficult.In most cases, complications arise in the postoperative period of appendicitis.

Appendicitis is not treated conservatively.The operation is performed, usually under general anesthesia, so the postoperative period will begin in the hospital with recovery from anesthesia.

Postoperative complications

main danger in the postoperative period apenditsita may be vomiting, which often occurs when exiting the patient from anesthesia.

In a prone position vomit can be inhaled and cause inflammation (aspiration pneumonia), or even suffocation.Therefore, after the operation at gagging the patient is put on a healthy side.


In the absence of the patient vomit he is allowed to drink boiled water or weak tea with lemon (you can sweeten a little).Begin to make liquid with 2-3 teaspoons e

very 20 minutes.If such doses do not cause vomiting, seizures, then a couple of hours the amount of consumed liquid can be increased.

In a few hours, in the absence of retching on the fluid, the patient is allowed to eat.After the operation, easily digestible food is a liquid or a jelly-like state.Eat little and often is (5-6 times a day).Solid food in the early days of the postoperative period is contraindicated.

basis diet postoperative appendectomy up:

  • rose hips broth and weak tea (with sugar);
  • freshly made fruit juices (diluted);
  • broth of rice;
  • jelly and jelly;
  • liquid porridge;
  • weak broth.

add bread and butter, with the fifth day you can go to a regular table on the third or fourth day.

Restrictions in the postoperative period

the first time after an operation to remove appendicitis prohibited excessive exercise, heavy lifting, sex and other excessive exercise.However

very sedentary lifestyle of the patient in the postoperative period after treatment, appendicitis can cause muscle atrophy, disturbances in the blood and lymph circulation, pulmonary congestion and other changes that adversely affect the recovery.Typically, patients are allowed to get up after 8 hours.

At the initial stage of rehabilitation after surgery, when the patient is still recommended bed rest for the prevention of postoperative complications such as thrombosis, pneumonia, adhesions, recommended a course of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy in the postoperative period after appendectomy

  • Lying on your back, feet together, arms at your sides.Alternating flexion and extension legs at the ankle joints.
  • The same starting position, arms bent at the elbows.Bending the fingers into a fist and extension.
  • The same starting position, legs slightly bent at the knees, wrist of one hand on his chest, the other - on the abdomen, on the area of ​​the surgical wound.On the inhale the abdomen draw (hand should fall) on the exhale - stick out (hand lying on his stomach, must get up at that time).
  • Starting position is the same, feet together, hands to shoulders.Make a circular motion in the shoulder joint, first forward, then backward.
  • Starting position the same.Alternating leg flexion in the knee joint, sliding the heel on the bed.
  • Starting position is the same, feet together, his right hand in the area of ​​post-operative wounds, his left hand along the trunk.Inhale - raise your left arm up, exhale - lower

Each exercise should be repeated 5-6 times.

careful implementation of all the recommendations in the postoperative period of appendicitis to avoid serious complications, life-threatening, and quickly return to the normal rhythm of life without limitations.

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