In the hospital - as planned

good hospital and good hands - the dream of all people in need of hospitalization.Unfortunately, often find it impossible.

On the exit of the situation says CEO on an individual health care Roman Fishkin.

- As far as I know, planned hospitalization - one of the most popular services of a private company?

- That's right.Because of the imperfections of our medical and insurance systems to get into a good hospital to an experienced doctor - a big problem.People sit in endless queues urban clinics, months go from office to office, with difficulty are referred to the city hospital, and eventually learn - because queues can put them in three months in the hospital for six months, a year.

Or do they say: Make out and wait for the quota.But today it is possible to die, and this quota is not to wait.However, even if you are in a hospital, it does not guarantee that you will have a fully qualified help doctors and hospitals are very different.This is the stark reality of the state of medicine.

- What is special about planned hospitalization?

- It means that you get to the hospital is not now, not this minute.We have time - a day, two, three, a week - to prepare all steps.To understand the problem.Find the right clinic and a specialist who will cope with this problem the best.Match all the patient's wishes for his hospitalization.

If he wants to be in the bedroom ward with hotel level of service and a beautiful view from the window - all this can be done.If necessary, the doctor will take the patient to my clinic.If possible assistance on the spot - leave their recommendations, and other doctors will perform them.

- As it happens in practice?The patient calls and ...

- And leave your request.All planning applications are received in a single center and after treatment are considered medical advisors.These are people with higher medical education, doctors of various directions: cardiologists, orthopedists, gynecologists, hematologists, etc.

There is no such that the cardiologist involved in patient with gynecological problems.Medical advisors are not engaged in medical activities.They appear in the form of experts, organize the process.As a rule, when it comes to planned hospitalization, people sick is not the first day, there are the results of studies of the extract from the medical history.Their study and analysis in the first place, do not allow the extra work and not spend money on patient has carried out the study.Second, understanding of forms, which doctors and clinics can help as much as possible in the given situation.

- main thing - to get there in good hands?

- Of course.The most ultramodern clinic without good experts only building.The main importance are doctors, which should hit the man.Russian, for that matter, and the world statistics on this issue rather unfortunate.Of the ten doctors working in a particular department, to get in the best case it would be desirable for two.The remaining eight you get by fate.

- When dealing with any private company engaged in the provision of health care, people are afraid that they will raise money.Figuratively speaking, you come with a sore finger, and you put in a gynecological chair.

- In private clinics for each doctor there is a certain plan - on the volume of finance rather than by the number of cured patients.The more research that he will appoint, the clinic is profitable.

Most clients of private clinics - companies who buy health insurance of their employees.The relationship between the insurance company and the private clinic the patient is generally a third party.Task clinics - to make it as much as possible, and the task of the insurance company - to pay as little as possible, so they are fighting for each study, for each analysis.A patient does not get up in the result.

Besides ... If the state medicine sooner or later you will help, financial and economic base of the federal and municipal levels of medical institutions and hospitals, it allows private medicine still can not do it physically.In 30-40% of patients require expensive treatment - surgery, chemotherapy, etc.After receiving the minimum assistance they still have to go to a public hospital.

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