Scleral lenses : a dangerous fetish

Scleral lenses : a dangerous fetish
Independent use scleral lenses without a prescription can even lead to loss of vision.

eye cornea has no blood vessels, so nutrients and oxygen it receives a contact directly from the environment.Any, even the gas-permeable lens will complicate the process of respiration eyes.

Scleral lenses cover not only the cornea but the entire visible portion of the protein, which further complicates the supply of oxygen to the tissues of the eye.

Wearing such lenses in certain cases it is necessary, but it must take place under strict indications and under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.Separate use them for beauty and as a fashion fetish can lead to dangerous eye disease and even blindness.

Scleral lenses have a diameter greater than the pupil, and the cornea and this can visually increase the size of the eye, making it more expressive.

Also, scleral lenses have the opportunity to a diverse decoration that attracts and steadily increasing demand for them among young people.

Extensive use of scleral

lenses in non-medical fields (in the cinema, on the stage), as well as their widespread availability (almost every online store lenses) creates a deceptive semblance of harmlessness that was originally a strictly medical invention.

What made scleral lenses

Scleral lenses are traditionally made of PPMA material.It is good because it is able to easily change the shape of the lens - the workpiece is easy to form, so that she repeated the surface of the eye and was fit person.

But this material does not pass through it oxygen, which leads to the constant danger of corneal edema, and her death.

scleral lens on medical

Scleral lenses are shown:

  • in congenital defects of the eyeball;
  • in case of hypersensitivity of the cornea;
  • in the treatment of keratoconus;
  • in some cases of strabismus.

In these cases, as a rule, the lenses are made of oxygen-impermeable material that minimizes the likelihood of corneal edema.

However, existing gas-permeable materials are heat-resistant plastic, which can not be shaped surface of the eye by means of heat and seal.This is necessary to grind the lens on a special machine, and customized to the shape of the eye by means of diagnostic equipment.Therefore, proper scleral lens manufacturing process is sufficiently long - an average of about six months, including repeated visits to the doctor.

lens selection includes:

  • taking a precise dimensions;
  • trial fitting the first transparent lens, after which the patient takes her along for alternating fittings on their own;
  • over the next several visits to an eye doctor (technician) oversees the patient's degree of habituation to the new lens, made small changes in the size of the lens to achieve maximum results from both the facilities and from the appearance;
  • final fitting, the introduction of the last minor changes and marking the front of the lens;
  • artist brings all the fine details on a healthy eye lens - vessels, shadows;
  • patient receives the finished lens.

important to know

Scleral lenses can not buy in the store.Neither the seller does not pick up lens scleral lens with maximum safety for the eye.Moreover, it is impossible to do it yourself.

Even well matched scleral lens should be used under the supervision of an ophthalmologist, since it is a foreign body to the eye, and even professionally selected lens can cause abrasions on the eye during wear, carry infection, cause oxygen starvation of tissues eye.

These changes are necessary to detect and prevent in time, otherwise the development of infection or running eyes hypoxia lead to blindness.

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