Dry Eye Syndrome

Sensation of sand in the eyes, redness, inflammation, and frequent irritation of the eyeball - all disease symptoms, which can lead to visual impairment.

In dry eye syndrome, a person experiences sensations similar to those caused by ingestion of sand in the eye.People describe their feelings as the lack of lubrication - and they are right.The body does not produce enough tears or chemical substances included in the composition of tears.

dry eye syndrome - a medical diagnosis, which is often not taken seriously.But this condition can lead to inflammation or even blindness.There is a misconception that tears are made up of only water and salt.In fact, a tear also contains hundreds of proteins, growth factors and other chemical substances.

According to the statics of more than 3 million women and more than 1 million men suffer from dry eye syndrome.The risk of developing this condition increases with age.The changes in the immune system and reducing the production of hormones with age may result in dry


Some medications can cause or worsen dry eye syndrome.The main culprits:

Diuretics Antihistamines Some antidepressants

Some medications for overactive bladder
Some medications for nausea and motion sickness

Therefore, if the medication appeared dry eyes, to see a doctor, to choose another therapy.

Some autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), can lead to dry eyes.

For successful treatment of dry eye is the primary exception to the factors that cause the symptoms, for example, you should avoid dry climate.The optimal level of humidity is 45% or more.Also, you should avoid contact with dust and smoke.Also effectively eliminates the symptoms of the use of artificial tears.Artificial tears is an eye drop that make up the deficit of the tear fluid.The drug also protects corneal epithelium has a lubricating and softening effect.Part of the "artificial tears" Valium restores, stabilizes and reproduces the optical characteristics of the tear film.The product can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription.

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