Astigmatism : What Is It

Astigmatism : What Is It
astigmatism - an eye disease, which affects one in six.

Astigmatism - a disease associated with the distortion of light through the optical system of the eye.This occurs because of unequal curvature of the optical surfaces in different planes cross section of the incident light beam.

Optics astigmatism

main reason for astigmatism - irregular curvature.Most often, the cornea is deformed, but can and lens - eye lens optical system.Normally

optical surface should be spherical, astigmatism and in the case it is deformed.Therefore, the beam of light coming from the luminous point, after passing through the optical system of the eye is not going to at one point, as it should, and in two mutually perpendicular straight line segments.

That's why instead of a normal image obtained something strained and fuzzy.And the person who suffers from astigmatism, difficulty seeing both near and far.Oddly enough, but most people can detect astigmatism varying severity.

Astigmatism - a disease that requires correct

ion, affects about 15% of the population.

Astigmatism: types and causes

There are hyperopic astigmatism, in which a person is worse distinguish objects near and short-sighted - objects at a distance lose their shape.There is a heavier version - sochetannyj astigmatism.In this disease the person is equally ill see both near and far.

astigmatism affects both adults and children's eyes.And often the children get the disease is inherited, in which case it is a congenital astigmatism.Acquired astigmatism is caused by rough scar the cornea changes after eye injuries or operations on it.

Life with astigmatism

Not everyone sees your astigmatism.Seeing things blurry or stretched, simply does not attach any importance to this.But frequent headaches, fatigue during high load on the eyes can not fail to draw attention to themselves.

often after straining the eyes (watching TV, using the computer), this symptom can occur as a "flickering flies."All of this makes a person seek advice from an ophthalmologist.

Astigmatism: Treatment

struggle with the disease is usually conducted in two directions: the use of glasses or contact lenses or surgery.

Glasses and lenses are individually matched to the patient in each case taking into account the characteristics of the eye.For correction of cylindrical lenses required for astigmatism.If necessary, they can also be combined with the lenses for the correction of myopia and hyperopia.It is important to understand that no glasses or lenses are not a cure and the way to deal with the problem.They only corrected vision.

After selection of glasses or lenses must be constantly observed by a specialist, replacing them in its recommendations to the stronger or weaker.

completely get rid of astigmatism can be only by surgery (keratotomy, termokeratokoagulyatsiya).

keratotomy - an operation for applying cuts on the cornea.As a result of weaker refraction and normal sight.This type of surgery is usually prescribed to patients with mixed astigmatism or short-sightedness.

Termokeratokoagulyatsiya - moxibustion is peripheral corneal zone.As a result of this operation, the curvature of the cornea increases and, accordingly, its refractive power increases.With astigmatism, farsightedness is usually prescribed termokeratokoagulyatsiyu.

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