Cancer prevention : simple ways

Doctors advise to prevent the disease, and not to engage in time-consuming and not always effective at treating it.

Currently, doctors are advised to build protection against cancer, given the risk factors that have been proven, most contribute to their development.Unfortunately, not all of them can be affected, but some can be minimized

  • Genetic predisposition (low ability of DNA to regenerate after injury, low immunity and so on.), Although they are a risk factor, but does not necessarily provide developmentcancer subject to the correct way of life.
  • Improper diet with a predominance of high-calorie foods and the associated obesity.
  • Smoking and alcohol weakens the body.
  • physical factors, which include radiation, ionizing radiation, ultraviolet rays.
  • chemical factors, such as hazardous substances in products, household chemical particles contaminated with carcinogens, air and water.
  • biological factors, which include, for example papilloma virus man, hepatitis B and C, and Epstein-Barr virus, h
    erpes virus type 8 (sarcoma and lymphoma), and virus T-cell leukemia.

tactics to prevent cancer formation

  • watch your diet.65% of the diet should be vegetable products, others - low-fat dairy, meat and fish products.It is not necessary to use the "fast" foods, canned, smoked, fried and fatty meals.
  • Stop smoking and do not use more than 50 grams of alcohol (in terms of alcohol) per day.
  • not sunbathe for more than 15 minutes in the open sun in the solarium.
  • Radiation of microwaves, radio bands, the long-wave electromagnetic radiation (of appliances) have been proven to be dangerous to humans.Risks of ionizing, short-wave electromagnetic (X-ray) radiation and charged particles flows (alpha particles, protons, neutrons) - that is, those with whom a person can face only professional necessity (radiologist, nuclear physicist, etc.), butmandatory protection.
  • Give preference to natural cosmetics without fragrances and household detergents "eco" that is, without phosphates and other chemicals.
  • Try not to use food and water from the plastic packaging.
  • not close the bathroom door when you wash it, for example, chlorine or caustic acid - so less vapor gets into your lungs.
  • no guarantee of full salvation from viruses, but if you avoid anonymous sex, use a barrier method of contraception, and vaccinated against human papillomavirus and hepatitis can greatly lower the risk of disease.
  • Follow their immunity, to be physically active.

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