What threatens love for fast food

What threatens love for fast food
Over the past decade, our vocabulary rooted concept of "fast food" - from the English phrase fast food ( Ā«fast food").

This term refers to fast food, which can be purchased at retail stores or specialized cafes and consumed directly in the point of sale.

fast food sold ready-made and only warmed up before drinking or preparing for a few minutes of prepared convenience foods.

Ideally, any fast food meal can take with you and eat anywhere - without plates, forks or knives.Most pies, burgers and other meals are convenient individual packing.

very high-calorie fast food.Hamburger, hot dog or pizza are designed for you to be satisfied with one portion, so each dish contains bread, meat constituents, generously seasoned with fatty sauces.

To reduce the cost and increase profits owners of fast-food outlets can use stale or expired products, to replace expensive products cheaper counterparts.Sometimes the dogs from a hot dog does not contain animal protein.generally characteristic of dubious quality ingre

dients for fast food street.

in fast food restaurants often offer kits that include the dish and carbonated beverage.Sweet drink dramatically increases the appetite and increases the caloric value of each meal.

Hazardous Ingredients fast food

  1. Sol.To improve the taste and appearance in the fast food can add a large amount of salt, including purely chemical origin (sodium glutamate, phosphates and other preservatives).Salt retains water and thirst after each eaten hamburger makes generous drink food no less harmful sugary soda.
  2. fats.One hot dog or hamburger contains half the daily value of fat.But the main danger is that all fats are classified as fast food harmful trans fats produced artificially (thermal treatment of vegetable oil).In addition, trans fats are carcinogenic.
  3. Sugar, "fast carbs".Technology of preparation of fast food often involves the addition of sugar, even in savory foods (sauces, buns).Carbonated drinks or instant coffee often contain murderous dose of sugar, which immediately converted to fat.

Despite the apparent satiety fast food, the body in such a diet loses an important building material - proteins.A particularly dangerous shortage of protein for children and growing organism: stunted growth, impaired hormonal regulation, degenerative changes occur in organs.

systematic use fastufuda may provoke the development of the following diseases:

  • obesity;
  • atherosclerosis, ischemic disease;
  • food poisoning, intestinal infections;
  • chronic constipation, burping, flatulence;
  • cancer.

safe amount of fast food

With all the disadvantages of fast food can not be denied its convenience in many situations.To minimize the harmful effects of "fast food", should visit the fast food cafe occasionally.

safe dose of fast food: 1 hot dog, 1 hamburger or shawarma 1 month, 1 serving of fries per week katoshki.For drinks, choose mineral water, green tea or freshly squeezed juice.Order smaller portions and eat without hurry - then saturation occurs faster.

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