Diet Garnet EYA Fulton

Diet Garnet EYA Fulton
Venice Hey Fulton - sports physician and author of the book about losing weight "Become thinner than your friends" - claims that following his recent author's technique, it is possible for only one and a half months to normalize weight and fully bring the figure in order.

Fulton opposes the proliferation of fractional power, giving preference to three times a day.It is also not in favor of too strict diets that are capable of causing considerable damage to the body.

Fulton offers its own system of power and behavior, at the same time points out that it is important to monitor the quality of products, edible.

believed that, following the proposed diet, you can get rid of an average of 9 kg, as well as significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve the condition of hair and skin.

Diet Garnet EYA Fulton: basic rules

  1. Disclaimer breakfast.The most optimal time for the first intake of food Fulton said three hours after awakening, but not before ten o'clock in the morning.
  2. Daily morning bathing in cold (about 15 degrees.) Water: because of this artificially created stress the body expends more heat, increasing the rate of metabolism and burn fat.
  3. is useful to drink a cup of coffee or two: as a result adrenaline is released, which causes the muscles use fatty acids.
  4. Do not overeat and eat no more than 49 grams of carbohydrates per meal.
  5. 50% of the diet should be vegetables, 50% - protein foods.
  6. sleep in sufficient quantity and high-grade rest: after healthy sleep faster metabolism.

general sense diet Garnet EYA Fulton - move more and eat less, especially hazardous products that Fulton attributes:

  • all kinds of fruit juices;
  • cocktails;
  • broccoli;
  • foods rich in carbohydrates.

Also, nutritionists recommend to pay attention to three important points:

  • choose suitable for yourself a diet and stick to it consistently (ie does not make sense to sit for two weeks on a strict diet, and then a week eat anything and in any quantity -it is a straight road to obesity);
  • necessarily move in a quarter of an hour before a meal;
  • constantly monitor the condition of the skin, to avoid the appearance of cellulite.

Diet Garnet EYA Fulton minus

Like most of specially designed diets, diets in Garnet EYA Fulton has its supporters and opponents.It is worth noting that many have found a diet Fulton not only questionable, but even dangerous to health.

Most often subjected to criticism following aspects:

  • breakfast is essential for people who are overweight, and skipping the first meal increases the risk of obesity in four or five times;
  • coffee can significantly speed up the heart rate, which is not safe for people disposed to diseases of the heart;
  • bathing in excessively cold water can cause hypothermia and aggravation of a number of chronic diseases.

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Diet Garnet EYA Fulton
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