Real face of plastic surgery

Prejudices that have emerged in the community through publications in the media, hindering the development of plastic surgery and transplantation in Russia.

in the public consciousness of health plastic surgery has long become in the beauty industry.

«In fact, the aesthetic plastic surgery operations occupy only 10% - says the chief plastic surgeon Health Ministry of the Russian Federation, Professor Nikolay Milanov - the remaining 90% - reconstructive surgery.Due to the commercialization of aesthetic surgery is a success, but the attitude to it as a beauty salon - non-medical approach. "

against existing presentation stands and a member of the British Society of Plastic Surgeons, Professor Alexander Nerobeev: "Plastic Surgery - Surgery of quality of life.Imagine that a person survived the accident, but he does not have half of the face or ears, eyes, nose.According to ministry figures he is alive, but he can not communicate, lives behind the curtain. "According to the specialist, plastic surgery in

the first place it is necessary for such people.

not changing for the better and the role of the doctor, it turns out the lead in the slave."There are patients who come in and bought himself looks - says Nerobeev.- This plastic surgeon does only what is necessary and reasonable. "

Society is not ready

15 years ago transplantation hands or feet seemed a fantasy, and spent the first limb transplantation in Valencia last year.But if plastic surgeons patients trust easily, in the field of transplantation have a problem.

«We have been ready for transplantation, - says head of the department of microsurgery and hand injuries FSI CITO them.NNPriorov, Professor Igor Golubev, - society is not ready.To doctors treated like pests.For example, we have an armless patient, he can live without arms, but it is difficult, even with prostheses.In the intensive care unit had a patient who had died the brain, but the heart of the work.The law allows us to take to transplant his hands, but we had to ask the permission of relatives.After talking with them, I received a summons to court.Why do people think that the only meaning doctors activities - money »

Alternatively Golubev gave an example from the practice practitioner overseas doctor Federica Schulz:" He had a 17-year-old patient without a hand, the clinic was the same age lost man on a runninga heart.Schultz went to the relatives of the deceased, went on to explain that the boy was killed, it is necessary to take a hand.Relatives have agreed without hesitation - a week ago, the grandmother of the family transplanted donor liver.People understand that today they are helped - tomorrow will help them. "

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