A child with a disability : what benefits are available to parents

A child with a disability : what benefits are available to parents
In the Russian Federation there are different rights and benefits of social support for families raising a child with disabilities

child's disability - an incredible sorrow for him and his family.To somehow make their lives easier, the government is developing laws relating to various areas such as medicine, pensions, labor law, training, housing, taxes, etc.

Medicine and spa treatment

The legislation provides for the right to free medicine and rehabilitation funds by prescription (RF Government Resolution №890 of 07.30.1994 and of 10.07.1995, the).

addition, a disabled child and his escort put free sanatorium voucher (if this person works - with registration sheet of temporary disability).

Education and training

Adaptation in society is extremely important for children with disabilities.They have a right to priority admission to preschool (Presidential Decree of 10.02.1992).Parents have the right to exemption from payment of kindergarten (the Russian Federation Supreme Council Resolution of 0

6.03.1992, the №2464-1).

If the child's condition does not allow to go to a regular kindergarten, he was sent to a specialized agency.

If unable to study in school, the child organize classes at home and in private educational institutions (Government Decree of 18.07.1996 №861).


Families with a child with disabilities are entitled to priority in the provision of premises (especially when the need to improve housing conditions and severe chronic diseases of the child).

They have the right to an additional area in the form of a room or an additional 10 square meters, if a child suffers from one of the diseases from the list in the decision of the Russian Government №214 from 28.02.1996 and the Order of the Department of Health of Moscow from 26.03.1996 Mr. №175.

In addition, these families provided plots of land in the first place, and also operates a 50% discount on payment for an apartment and utilities.


In women who have a disabled child under 16 years, have the right to work part time or per week, as well as to refuse overtime work and business trips.Do not hire a woman in connection with the fact that her child - disabled person is not entitled to any employer.

In addition, to dismiss a single mother of such a child also can not, except in the case of liquidation.But then the mother must immediately arrange for another job.

In addition, parents of kids with disabilities receive 4 extra days off per month.All these benefits are regulated by the Labor Code.


Children with disabilities are entitled to a social pension with the allowances and able-bodied family members not working in caring for them - an allowance of 60% of the minimum wage (Presidential Decree of 17 March 1994 №551).If the mother of a disabled child brings it up to 8 years old, she put pension payment since 50 years (if you have 15 years work experience), and while caring for a child is regarded as working (RF Law "On State Pensions").


Parents can take advantage of the following benefits - to reduce the taxable income of a family in the amount of income not exceeding three times the monthly minimum wage of one of their payment, provided the content that requires constant care for the disabled child.


Directions by public urban and suburban transport for the child and the accompanying free, soglavno Federal Law ( "On Social Protection of Disabled Persons in the Russian Federation" from 24.11.1995, the).On long-distance aircraft, rail, river and road routes will receive a discount of 50% (from October 1 to May 15 - indefinitely, in the summer - 1 time back and forth).

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