Caffeine reduces the risk of endometrial cancer

coffee consumption contributes significantly to the protection of a woman's body from cancer, however, and lifestyle also plays a significant role.

Endometrial cancer - a malignant tumor that affects the thin uterine lining (endometrium).The share of endometrial cancer accounts for 50% of all cancers of internal genital organs in women.According to statistics, the incidence of this tumor continues to grow.

most often endometrial cancer occurs in women aged 50-60 years.Among the factors are of particular importance long hormonal disorders (especially the female sex hormones), chronic endometrial hyperplastic processes, obesity, hormonal contraceptives.

most important measure for early detection of endometrial cancer is considered to be a regular examination by a gynecologist, and prevention is to maintain a normal body weight and regular exercise.

However, as shown by a recent study by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (USA), another way to prevent this tumor can serve coffee consum


passion for this fragrant drink significantly reduces the risk of developing endometrial cancer.Moreover, the absence of caffeine (decaffeinated varieties) has virtually no effect on the protective properties of the coffee.


Experts analyzed the results of the survey more than 67 thousand. Women who participated in the long-term epidemiological study of the health status among American women.During 27 years of follow up were identified 672 cases of endometrial cancer.

It turned out that women who drink a day, four or more cups of coffee, the risk of developing a malignant tumor in the uterus is reduced by 30%.If the fair sex devoid of preferred varieties of caffeine to reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by 22% was required to drink two cups of coffee a day or more.

The researchers found that the protective properties of coffee is higher in the following categories of women:

  • obese or overweight;
  • smokers and smokers before;
  • in post-menopausal women;
  • in women undergoing hormone replacement therapy during menopause is not imposed.

protective properties of coffee

According to lead researcher, Professor Edward Dzhiovanuchchi high risk of endometrial cancer is often associated with excessive levels of estrogen and insulin.Coffee

reduces insulin resistance, i.e. tissue cells and insensitivity to insulin, and this helps to reduce the level of insulin in the blood.In addition, coffee normalizes the balance of female sex hormones, estrogen levels decrease.

is possible that the beneficial effects of coffee does not end there, because coffee beans contain a lot of other plant compounds that improve the body's response to insulin.

However, the researchers believe it is premature to recommend coffee as a preventive agent against cancer.It is found only the relationship, but not a clear cause and effect.

In addition, coffee is contraindicated in a number of states, such as hypertension and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

is unknown whether the effect on barrier properties in addition coffee drink sugar milk or cream as the data in the study were not considered.It is possible that the additive eliminate all the benefits of coffee.

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