What if the house crashed mercury thermometer

What if the house crashed mercury thermometer
Each of us knows that mercury is a very dangerous substance for the body, and devices that contain mercury in its composition, it is necessary to operate with extreme caution.One such device is a conventional thermometer, which we all used to measure body temperature.Sometimes it happens that the thermometer falls out of the hands and falls to the floor.What if the house crashed mercury thermometer, a sequence of actions should be in this case, so as not to harm the health of your family?

The mercury is hazardous to health

If the thermometer has broken or cracked - need to get worried, because mercury vapors in the apartment - this is a real danger to health.The physical properties of mercury, although of the same metals, but takes the form of liquid, which when struck rolled into small balls and flying all over the floor, hammered into the slot and falls on the furniture.

Mercury is vaporized property even at room temperature, poisoning the air in the room where people live.

According to the mode

rn classification of toxic compounds and substances, mercury is related to the first class - extremely dangerous for the joints of the body.Dangerous herself mercury and its inorganic compounds.

Mercury can enter the body through the skin, the digestive system, if inhaled mercury vapor, which have no odor.When ingested mercury vapors have as a local irritant effect and cause profound changes in tissues and organs.

When broken mercury thermometer most likely way of mercury intrusion into the body - just the evaporation of mercury vapor and penetration through the lungs.In this manner it absorbed 80% of the mercury from the air spray.

Even a broken thermometer in the apartment will be enough to get the severe form of mercury poisoning of all people living in the apartment.And it can occur for a long time and are asymptomatic.

Symptoms of mercury poisoning

When poisoning with mercury vapor may occur symptoms of general malaise, dizziness, drowsiness, irritability, a loss of appetite, nausea.

first signs of acute mercury poisoning:

  • metallic taste in the mouth;
  • acute headaches with a runny nose and pain when swallowing;
  • bleeding and redness of the gums;
  • hypersalivation (copious amounts of saliva);
  • fever;
  • appearance of frequent watery stools.

about on the third day from the moment of joining the symptoms of poisoning renal toxicity - renal disease.If you have broken mercury thermometer at home - strictly follow their well-being and immediately contact a doctor at the first sign of illness.

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What if the apartment

mercury thermometer was broken in the first step is to appeal for advice to specialists MOE call 01 or 112 from a mobile phone.

If right now there is no possibility of appeal for help to the specialists, it is necessary to comply with the procedures for the collection of mercury poured out.

First of all, do not panic and bring the room the elderly, children and pets, ask to leave the apartment anyone who is in it.After that, immediately limit the place where the thermometer was broken, as the mercury can easily be spread on the feet of animals, or on the soles of shoes on the other rooms.

removal of mercury produced on the periphery of the affected area, moving to the center.If the winter outdoors, you need to open windows and lower the temperature in the room - in such circumstances the mercury will evaporate and pollute less flat.If it's summer, use the air conditioning at full capacity.

But in a place where you collect mercury, categorically denied drafts, or mercury beads will disperse the wind around the house, and they broke up into smaller particles and will settle on floors and furniture, then collect them will be extremely difficult.Maximum insulate the room where the thermometer was broken.

sure to clearly illuminate the place of mercury spill.The light should fall on the side, this is the most manifest all the small droplets of mercury and help them as fully as possible to collect.

How to collect the mercury from the floor, if broken thermometer

necessary to collect all mercury from the floor quickly and thoroughly.You will need a bank with cold water (or a solution of potassium permanganate) and the lid, an ordinary soft brush, foil or paper, a disposable syringe or a rubber pear, tape or adhesive tape, cloth, wet newspaper.

before clearing sure to wear rubber gloves from dense and make sure that the mercury does not hit the skin.On the face wear a moist gauze.

beads of mercury can be collected on a sheet of foil or paper, using a brush or other sheet is strictly forbidden to sweep mercury with a broom or stiff brush, it will spray balls.

can collect the balls with a piece of cotton wool dipped in potassium permanganate.With a pear or a syringe retract small balls, very small beads can be stuck on the adhesive tape.

If mercury huddled in floor cracks, sprinkle it with sand and swept with it a brush.If the thermometer has broken the old wooden floor with slits, require immediate replacement of the flooring.Everything that you used to clean mercury, put in a jar with water and close tightly, bring the cold.

purified from mercury surface wipe moistened with water and wrung out the paper, and then wash the area with a solution of potassium permanganate or chlorine bleach - it oxidize mercury and would not give it to evaporate.For complete decontamination treat these solutions all metal and wooden surfaces.The solution is to leave them for two days, and then rinse with clean water.Then the wide open windows and doors, creating a draft, and thoroughly for 2-3 hours, ventilate the room.

Bank with mercury waste and hand over to the Department of Emergency Situations Ministry or consult, where you can drop hazardous waste.

What to do on special occasions

If mercury is spilled on the carpet or carpet, gently roll it from the edges toward the center to mercury bulbs are not scattered around the room.The carpet is then wrap in plastic film from the edges to the center and carry up to a balcony or the street.Call the Ministry of Emergency Situations - there will tell where you can spend processing.

If mercury onto your clothing, it must be immediately thrown out, it is strictly forbidden to wash clothes in the washing machine.

If the mercury hit on the soles of shoes, immediately wash the soles of very strong solution of potassium permanganate.All cloths and items that are processed apartment must be handed over to the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with the collected mercury.

After the accident has been eliminated, for the prevention of poisoning, especially those who are directly cleaned mercury, you should take plenty of fluids to drink diuretic teas and herbal teas, eat more fresh vegetables and root crops.

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strictly forbidden!

  1. strictly forbidden to collect the mercury with a vacuum cleaner - it saturates the air with mercury vapor.Of course the product will then spray Mercury a long time, it can only be thrown out.
  2. also can not sweep mercury with a broom, it crushes balls into small particles, creating mercury dust.It does not collect mercury cloth, it spreads and rubs it across the floor.
  3. forbidden to throw mercury and collected all of the items for its collection in the garbage disposal, trash cans and into the street.
  4. a broken thermometer Mercury contaminates 6 cbmair and may be even in children's sandboxes.
  5. Do not flush mercury down the drain - it settles on the pipes and will be a source of poisoning the whole house.It is forbidden to bury or burn the mercury, it violates the environment.

In every city there are special services for disposal of toxic waste, need to pass the dangerous metal to them.

course, mercury thermometer is the most accurate, but it is much safer to use modern electronic thermometers.

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