The benefits to disabled people in Russia

The benefits to disabled people in Russia
From April 1, increased payments to the disabled - as social pensions and supplementary allowances.On what benefits are provided to persons with disabilities in Russia, read our material.

disabled person - a person with a physical, mental, sensory or mental disabilities that do not allow it to be fully in society;in other words, its capabilities are limited.

these different restrictions, so there is a division of disability on 1st, 2nd and 3rd group.In addition, disabled children (under 18 years) and the disabled since childhood - it is adults with disabilities, the cause of which arose as a child (under 18 years).

All these groups of citizens - privileged categories, that is, they are subject to exemptions for disabled people.However, the benefits for all different, and they depend both on the degree of disability, and region of residence, as there are regional programs of assistance to disabled.

In this article we will try to orient persons with disabilities on the overall benefits which they are

entitled.For individual assistance program for a specific disabled person are encouraged to contact local social assistance centers.It will prompt that it is and to what extent it should disabled.And this consulting assistance should be free.

Cash payments to disabled

different types of pensions are provided for facilities in Russia.

  1. Labor disability pension.Appointed persons recognized as disabled, who have worked at least one day.
  2. state disability pension is calculated soldiers, astronauts, participants WWII, persons awarded badge "Resident of blockade Leningrad", as well as victims of radiation catastrophes and man-made.
  3. Social disability pension is calculated with disabilities 1, 2 and 3rd groups, disabled since childhood, disabled children, respectively, if a person has no insurance experience.

Pensioners often wonder that more - work disability pension or social.can not be answered unequivocally.It depends on the length of service and the amount of the taxpayer's deductions to the Pension Fund during the work.

Putting all payments, you can choose the pension that would be profitable - prompt the territorial pension fund.

Later, however, it is useful to monitor the dynamics of the labor and social pensions (known to be indexed on an annual basis, and more than once), so if you want to go back to a more profitable option.

Today, the social pension for disability is:

  • for disabled group 1: 7,384.7 rubles per month;
  • for disabled group 2: 3692.35 rubles per month;
  • for disabled third group: 3138.51 rubles per month;
  • disabled children receive 8861.54 rubles per month.

Social disability pension will increase by 17.1% as of April 1, 2014.In monetary terms, amount to increase from 1.1 to 2.1 thousand. Rubles, depending on the category of citizens.

Social payments

disabled addition to pensions disabled charged monthly cash payment (EDV), which until April 1, 2014 (indexation will be made after this date) is:

  • disabled group 1: 2832.41 rubles per month;
  • disabled group 2: 2022.78 rubles per month;
  • disabled third group: 1619.27 rubles per month;
  • disabled children: 2022.78 rubles per month.

invalids of Great Patriotic War, as well as people with disabilities due to war injuries provided additional monthly material support (DEMO) in the amount of 1,000 rubles.

If as a result of accounting pension, EDV, DEMO and other benefits in the form of, for example, prices for utilities, disability income will still be below the subsistence minimum adopted in the region, by the Federal Social surcharge (FSD) to an amount equal to the minimuma living wage, taken in the disabled persons.

On April 1, 2014 will indexation of payments to people with disabilities (EDV, NSO, DEMO) - they will rise by 5%.

set of social services (NSO)

Persons with disabilities are entitled to free medicines (within the approved list), medical devices, health food for children with disabilities, a spa treatment once a year and travel on suburban transport and intercity transportto the place of treatment and back once a year - the so-called set of social services (NSO).

There are nuances in this position.Thus, disabled third group, recognized as the unemployed, pay 50% of the cost of medicines prescribed by a physician.People with disabilities in Group 1, and children with disabilities have the right to get a second ticket to the sanatorium for treatment and free travel for the accompanying person.

disabled person has the right to choose what he prefers to receive - these services or cash equivalent, which currently stands at 839.65 rubles.If you prefer a disabled service, this amount will be deducted from the monthly payments.Refuse can be not only on the whole package at once (medicines, treatment and travel to it), but also separately.

set of social services cost

  • free medicines, medical devices, health food for disabled children - 646 rubles 71 kopecks.
  • Focus on spa treatment - 100 rubles 05 kopecks.
  • Free travel on suburban w / d transportation, and transportation to the place of treatment - 92 rubles 82 kopecks.


social services to disabled

In addition to providing free medicines and directions are provided social services to persons with disabilities, which can be free or paid under the terms of a partial value.

The social services people with disabilities include:

  • buy food and other essential commodities, including drugs;
  • support to medical facilities;
  • maintaining homes in conditions that meet sanitary and hygienic standards, - to put it simply, cleaning the apartment;
  • assistance in legal and regulatory matters;
  • help in the organization of funeral services;
  • assistance, water and fuel delivery, if the house, where a disabled person, there is no water and heating.

All these services are free of charge, if a disabled person living alone or the income per family member below the subsistence level for the region.There are cases in which social services are provided on a part payment.

invalids useful to know that the social security authorities of the population has the right to provide one-time financial assistance, for example in the event of fire or flooding, in connection with the death of a close relative, robbery, on food or essential goods, expensive medicines, etc..d.Financial assistance is provided in the form of cash payments to no more than once a year.

There are also more specific social services to people with disabilities: the repair of means of rehabilitation, according Sign language interpretation services, the provision, maintenance and veterinary care of guide dogs, etc.

On the issue of social services provided in a particular case, it is possible to consult the territorial social security bureau (social security).Caseworker can visit the disabled at home, if the latter can not go out and live separately from their relatives.

disabled people with reduced mobility, provided social service taxi.This is a paid service, but the cost is much lower than a conventional taxi.The exact price depends on the region of disabled persons, it can be found in the Social Service Centre.

Besides medicines are provided free of charge to disabled rehabilitation equipment:

  • canes support and tactile, crutches, supports, handrails;
  • wheelchair with a manual drive (room, walking, active type), electric, small;
  • prostheses;
  • orthopedic footwear;
  • anti-bedsore mattresses and pillows;
  • devices for dressing, undressing and capture subjects;
  • special clothing;
  • special devices for reading talking books, for optical low vision correction;
  • -conductors dog with a set of equipment;
  • medical thermometers and sphygmomanometers with speech output;
  • sound alarm light and vibration;
  • hearing aids;
  • television with teletext to receive programs with closed captioning;
  • telephone device with a text output;
  • voice-devices;
  • special funds in violation of separation of functions (urinary and colostomy bags);
  • absorbent underwear, diapers;
  • chairs chairs with sanitary equipment.

There are benefits for certain groups of persons with disabilities.For example, visually impaired 1 and 2 groups can not pay for a radio in an apartment if it is registered to them.Register a radio for a disabled child can be when he reaches 5 years of age.

Sighted provides annual cash payment for the maintenance of a guide dog if they have one.

housing benefits for disabled

privileges on payment of utility services - discount on payment of utility services in the amount of 50% - is available to all people with disabilities.

Invalids and families in bringing up a child with a disability are entitled to benefits during setting and foremost to improve their living conditions.It is recognized that people with disabilities are entitled to additional living space (in excess of the standards).

Disabled persons have benefits in the preparation of land for the individual building, cottages, garden facilities.Such sites are available to them on a priority basis.

Subjects of the Russian Federation may establish additional housing benefits for people with disabilities and families with disabled children.

Education: benefits for disabled

Disabilities 1 and 2 groups, disabled children, disabled veterans and the disabled since childhood have privileges for admission to secondary and higher education institutions.They enrolled subject to passing the exams, regardless of the competition.In the extra time to prepare a response time allocated to disabled exam.

All persons with disabilities receive a social scholarship upon successful further training, they are assigned an academic scholarship on the general grounds.

References to release the disabled from the payment for accommodation in a hostel.But listen to them or not, decides the university administration.

In addition, a disabled may receive a one-time financial assistance from the university management and student union.

Secondary education a child with disabilities is also provided by the state - in the form of provision of education (special schools, classes and teachers for home-based learning) or in the form of monetary compensation, if parents teach a child at home alone.


Labour law: benefits for disabled

According to the Labour Code, persons with disabilities 1 and 2 groups have the right to a shortened work week - 35 hours at full pay.Disabled people put elongated annual paid leave - 30 days and in addition, workers with disabilities can enjoy the right to a leave without pay in connection with good reason - 60 days.

enterprise can provide its employee with a disability (retirement, for example), financial aid (up to 4000 rubles.), And the assistance is not subject to tax (PIT).

Taxes: benefits for disabled

Disabled persons are entitled to a tax deduction.Part of the payments to the disabled by the employer are not taxed - it should take into account the company accountant with payroll.Individual entrepreneurs with disabilities are exempt from the payment of the unified social tax (UST), if the amount of income does not exceed 100 000 during the year.

Disabled persons have the privileges for payment of vehicle tax - the rate of 1 them is reduced by 50% (at a power of up to 150 liters, in some regions, -.., without limitation).

When land tax incentives have been disabled since childhood, disabled people and people with disabilities BOB 1, Group 2, if the land is designed for them: for them, the tax base is reduced by 10 000, which is not taxed.

Property tax individuals do not pay people with disabilities 1 and 2 groups, disabled since childhood.

Disabilities 1 and Group 2 are exempt from payment of state fees when applying to the court and have a 50 percent rebate on notary services.

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