Chondromatosis joints : Causes and Treatment

chondromatosis joints - a disease associated with fetal cartilage development and the formation of a violation in the cavity of the joint cartilage formations rounded shape.

The disease is more common in men 18-35 years old, but sometimes there are cases of congenital chondromatosis were found in children under one year.Hereditary factors of the disease is not detected, and are not described and cases of family chondromatosis disease.

chondromatosis most commonly develops in the knee and elbow joints, at least - in the shoulder, ankle, wrist.The amount of cartilage in the joint cavity bodies often does not exceed 10-15, but in some cases may reach several hundred.

joint development chondromatosis

factors that trigger this process during fetal development of the person, are still not known.However, the essence of the process - Disturbed embryonic formation of cartilage, as well as metaplasia (tendency to degeneration) cartilage cells in the synovium of joints.

This group cartilage cells associat

ed with the synovial membrane, otshnurovyvayutsya and transformed into intra-articular loose bodies (often referred to as "intra-click").Some cartilaginous nodules may form a polypoid formation, protruding above the surface of the synovial membrane.Those

intraarticular cartilage body otshnurovyvayutsya which may be round or lumpy form, usually up to 1 cm in diameter, but sometimes reach three or more centimeters.

Contact cartilage cells between the joint surfaces leading to full or partial joint jamming - there is a joint unit, accompanied by a strong, tormenting pain.After the calf cartilage beyond the mating surfaces in the joint range of motion is restored.

If the block in the joint occurs frequently or lasts a long time, possibly the formation of stiffness, contractures, progressive muscle atrophy on the affected limb.In addition, in case of frequent traumatic articular cartilage develops deforming osteoarthritis.Sometimes when driving can be felt a crunch in joints, and some superficial large calf sometimes noticeable to the touch.

Other manifestations chondromatosis joints may be: small swelling of the soft tissue and accumulation of exudate into the joint cavity, increase of temperatures them redness, pain of varying intensity and not only when the joint is locked, but also alone, that is, the typical signs of arthritis in stepexacerbation.

Diagnostics joint lesions in chondromatosis

Currently, thanks to ultrasound, CT and MRI diagnostics chondromatosis is not particularly difficult.

However, the final diagnosis is made during arthroscopy where you can visually assess not only the number, size and structure of the intra-body, but also the state of the synovial membrane, the potential for the formation of new cartilage cells, as well as the degree of damage to the articular surfaces.

Arthroscopy is particularly valuable in those cases where the cartilage corpuscles no calcium deposits, not their ossification, but because they are passable for X-rays, and even a typical X-ray clinic chondromatosis this disease can not be detected.


When recurrent joint blocks usually resort to surgical treatment, as each time jamming between the articular surfaces of the chondral cells there is an additional trauma epiphyseal cartilage: they have cracks, there are surface or edge fragments that may exacerbate the disease.

Treatment chondromatosis joint

radical method of treatment can cure the diseased joint is synovectomy - total or partial excision of the synovial membrane with areas of metaplasia.

However, a small volume of lesions, the presence of individual cartilage cells lying free in some cases it is simply removing them with arthroscopy, but ensure that no recurrence of the disease in this case is impossible.

When long-existing diseases accompanied by severe manifestations of deforming arthrosis, in some cases, and even spend arthroplasty arthroplasty (artificial joint installation).

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