Ear Treatment boric alcohol : Pros and Cons

Treatment of ear boric alcohol
Ear pain - one of the most severe types of pain.This symptom usually indicates the development of otitis - inflammation of the middle ear, often arising as a result of the spread of infection from the nasopharynx by the Eustachian tube into the cavity of the middle ear.

Most often, ear infections occur in children, but can occur in adults, with the weakening of immunity or infection reactivation.

How to treat otitis

Most often, otitis caused by pneumococci or staphylococci, Haemophilus influenzae infection, or some other microbes that may be active in the area of ​​the mucous of the nose and throat and penetrate upward through the ear.

Contribute to throw the germs into the cavity of the ear the wrong blowing your nose, nasal lavage overly active and sniff.

in treating diseases of the ear are often used boric alcohol, more specifically alcohol 3% solution of boric acid.This tool is classified as obsolete, today there are modern drugs, which have a more complex and pronounced effect.

But still many people use boric alcohol for the treatment of otitis media, because they consider it an inexpensive, accessible and effective.Sometimes the complex therapy of otitis media he was appointed and ENT doctors.But it is worth remembering that boric alcohol can be instilled into the ears only in the firm belief that there is no perforation of the tympanic membrane (no discharge from the ear of pus or ichor).

boric alcohol for the treatment of otitis media: how to use

There are two main uses of boric alcohol for the treatment of ears - is the direct instillation of heated boric alcohol pipette in the ear or the use of boric alcohol in the ear turundas inserted into the ear.Each method must be used correctly in order not to cause complications.

When backfilling boric alcohol in the ear drops be heated to body temperature in a water bath - instillation into the ear of cold droplets leads to a sharp increase in pain.

boric alcohol for adults buried three drops in each ear canal for at least three or four times a day.Instill performed in the supine position, the earlobe is pulled slightly backward and downward to straighten the ear canal.Buried pipetted drop with a rounded end and remain in such a position that the drops can reach the bottom of the auditory canal.

Note: in suspected perforation of the eardrum to bury any drops, including boric alcohol, forbidden!

Use ear turundas with boric alcohol is safer, especially for suspected perforation.For the treatment of otitis media in a similar way, twist of wool or thin wick turunda, put on a few drops of boric alcohol impregnation and gently screwed into motion to insert into the ear canal.This procedure is best done before the night's sleep, leaving turundy in your ear all night.

Before you apply turundy or drop, you need to gently, but thoroughly clean the ear canal from ear wax residue.For this purpose, you can use 3% hydrogen peroxide, dripped into the ear canal by 5-8 drops of the solution, and then tilt your head so that the solution with the softened gray came out.Residues of peroxide and sulfur can be wet cotton swab.

Duration of treatment is not more than 3-5 days, in the absence of improvement or deterioration of the need to consult a doctor immediately.

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Contraindications and side effects

  1. boric alcohol treatment is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding, if you are hypersensitive or hypersensitivity in disorders of the kidneys and the liver to the drug, as well as children under three years.
  2. Treatment boric alcohol can lead to a number of extremely unpleasant complications due to the toxic boric acid effect on the body.Especially it is expressed in long-term treatment of otitis media, which lasts more than 10 days.
  3. of side effects in the treatment of otitis media are nausea and dizziness, seizures, and clouding of consciousness, disturbance of the kidneys or liver intoxication.

When any disturbing symptoms in the treatment of boric alcohol must be an immediate cessation of the treatment and handling to the ENT doctor.

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