Post-vaccination Arthritis : Causes and Symptoms

most frequent causes of vaccine-related arthritis and features of their development.

post-vaccination arthritis are the body's response to the introduction of vaccines made using killed microorganisms (Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Salmonella, Shigella, etc.), As well as BCG, DPT and virus vaccines (chickenpox, viral hepatitis A and B, measles, epidemicmumps, rubella, etc.).

most cases the immune synovitis, but may be arthritis, vasculitis, and cutaneous and simply arthralgia (joint pain).In some cases, the use of vaccines made from recent infection agents can be reactive arthritis or Reiter's disease relapse.

Currently, it is believed that virtually any vaccine can cause post-vaccination complications, but they are specific to each type of vaccine, and it is well aware of health workers, but as a rule, they are not ignorant parents.

Therefore, during the grafting parents is best to inquire about the possible reactions to this vaccine in health care workers, not from neighbors or acquaintances.

Features of development of post-vaccination arthritis

Most often this type of arthritis develops within one month after vaccination, are kind of asymmetric monoarthritis, oligoarthritis, rarely - arthritis.Manifestations of arthritis there are varying degrees of severity, including volatile (migrating).

possible spontaneous (without treatment), the disappearance of the manifestations of arthritis in 10-15 days, but the reaction after repeated vaccination can be quite severe and require additional treatment.

clinical manifestations of arthritis in some cases depend on the place (s) of the vaccine and method of administration.For example, BCG vaccine, which has a strong immunostimulatory effect can be used not only in the prevention of tuberculosis Tuberculosis, but also in the treatment of leprosy, in the treatment of bladder cancer.

When intradermal BCG symmetric polyarthritis develops the type of rheumatoid arthritis, and it is more common in women, and the introduction of the vaccine intravesically (for the treatment of bladder cancer) affects the joints of the lower limbs and most often in men.Sometimes it appears as a typical Reiter's disease, although there is no history of chlamydial infection.

flow of vaccine-related arthritis in many respects depends on the activity (virulence) use of live vaccine strains overlay (reversion) pathogenic properties, as well as the presence of a graft from the patient's unrecognized immunodeficiency states.

in children after vaccination arthritis often occur after vaccination against measles, at least - from pigs, chicken pox or whooping cough.At the same time they appear 10-20 days after inoculation, and may spontaneously disappear without a trace, so some parents do not associate their appearance with grafting.

vaccinal Sometimes arthritis develops in the background of the general reaction of the organism to the introduction of the drug.This can be high fever, rapidly passing the symptoms of intoxication (weakness, feeling of weakness, aches, pains in muscles and joints, headache, sleep disturbances, lack of appetite in young children - increased moodiness, tearfulness).Occasionally

possible local allergic reactions in the form of a small flushing, itching, swelling at the injection site, etc.

Diagnosis and treatment of post-vaccination arthritis

and diagnosis, and treatment should be performed only by a physician, but the patient (parents or relatives of the patient) should be aware on what preparation there reaction when carried out vaccination, whether such reactions are used asthan they were treated.If you have an allergic reaction or a general need to seek emergency medical attention.

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