The tendency to herpes laid genetically

Scientists say that often occur manifestations of herpes on the lips associated with certain genes.

There is a group of people who have the appearance of herpes sores (caused by human herpes virus type 1) - a phenomenon often enough, causing a lot of discomfort and inconvenience, while other people like rash appears a few times in a lifetime.The reason for this until recently remained unclear.

Research John D. Kreisel, an infectious disease specialist from the University of Utah School of Medicine (USA), has shown that a predisposition to such rashes laid genetically.

scientist hopes that the results of his research will be confirmed in other studies, in this case, would be possible to develop new, more effective treatments.

gene susceptibility to herpes lips

American scientists in their research noticed the C21orf91 gene, which they gave the name of "resistance gene herpes of the lips."

At the same time, scientists stress that this gene increases the risk of frequent eruptions is only 21%.The

remaining 79% - the result of environmental influences.Excluding certain environmental factors can significantly reduce the frequency and degree of manifestation of lip herpes.These factors, in particular, direct sunlight, chapping lips, injury, damage and stress.

At the moment, when a lip herpes almost always doctors recommend the use of various ointments with antiviral drugs.People suffering frequent rashes familiar with such drug substances as acyclovir, ganciclovir, valaciclovir, though their effectiveness is not always expressed.

Scientists believe that thanks to the results of genetic research will be possible to develop more effective drugs.

How to keep the virus under control

As long as there is a new therapy based on genetic and microbiological studies, the mainstay of treatment of people suffering from rashes lip herpes, will continue to the prevention and elimination of risk factors.

lip herpes most commonly appears on the site of the joint mucosa of the lips and skin (red border of the lips).Therefore, when a certain predisposition to herpes should be applied to this area a special paste with zinc oxide, especially in summer, while in the sun.

also need to regularly use hygienic lipstick, avoid minor abrasions, lesions of the lips and skin around the mouth.

study published in the Journal of Infectious Disease.

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