What benefits are laid the mother of a disabled child

What benefits are laid the mother of a disabled child
woman raising a child with disabilities are entitled to certain statutory exemptions.

Employment benefits

If a child with a disability has not yet turned 16 years old, his mother may work part time or per week, payment - in proportion to the hours worked.

She is also entitled to an additional 4 days off per month (can be used together with another parent of a child under 18 years).

mother of a disabled child has the right to refuse overtime work and business trips.Employers have no right not to take it to the workplace or to reduce wages due to the presence of a child with disabilities.

If you - a single mother of a disabled child, you can not be dismissed, except in cases of liquidation of the company.But at the same time you are obliged to employ.

Retirement benefits

Monthly payments mom, if it does not work, and caring for a disabled child, make up 60% of the minimum wage.

At retirement, you can come up with 50 years, if you are raising a child with disabilities up to eight years, and yo

ur employment history is not less than 15 years.To it also ranked as caring for the child.

Benefits housing

child's mother with a disability can count on the priority list for housing.In a particular priority - persons in need of better housing conditions and who have severe forms of chronic diseases, such as mental disorders, organic CNS in violation of limb and pelvic organs (cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, etc.)..

You can get a private room or 10 sq.m.above the norm for a disabled child, if he has one of the diseases included in a special list.This additional area is not paid as excessive, and in single size.

provided benefits - 50% discount from the rent, also applies to public services.In addition, the families of persons with disabilities in the first available building lots.

Benefits for the treatment of child

For the child can receive free prescription drugs, prosthetic and orthopedic devices, bicycles and wheelchairs.

child and the mother as a companion put a free ticket to a sanatorium.If you are working, you are obliged to issue a sheet of temporary disability to care for a disabled child.

Benefits in kindergarten and school

If the child for health reasons can not attend a regular garden, he was sent to a special preschool.general type are obliged to take out of turn in the garden.If the baby in the physician's opinion, there are deviations in mental or physical development, the mother may be exempted from payment of the garden.

Education of children with disabilities, in addition to ordinary schools (special classes), it is possible at home and in private educational institutions.To send them back can only be with the consent of the parents on the conclusion of the psychological-pedagogical and medico-pedagogical commissions.

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Tax incentives

family is entitled to a reduction of income in an amount not exceeding three times per month minimum wage of one of the parents, if they live together with the maintenance-disabled child and contains it.

Transport privileges

However, children with disabilities, the right to free travel on all public transport, except taxis, are accompanying them (not more than one person).They also apply a 50% discount for travel on long-distance air, rail, river and road transport from 1 October to 15 May, and once (both ways) in the summer.

mother can also pass a disabled child for free once a year to the place of treatment (sanatorium).Travel on buses suburban and interurban intraregional routes to the place of treatment and examination of the child to the mother is also free.

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