Pain in arthritis : traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment

Pain in arthritis : traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment
pain in arthritis, tend to be exhausting constant or periodic nature, intensifying during the exacerbation and significantly decreasing or disappearing completely in remission.

Relieving arthritis pain: traditional methods

for pain relief for arthritis can help a variety of traditional medicine for centuries used to treat many different types of arthritis.

These include:

  • diet therapy;
  • phytotherapy (use of herbs and dietary supplements);
  • apitherapy (treatment with honey and other bee products);
  • hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches and derived therapeutic biologically active components);
  • natural balneological factors (mineral water, therapeutic mud, shungite, clay, mineral wax, naphthalene, and the like), the spa treatment;
  • impact of physical factors (temperature effects, water treatments, magnetic therapy, etc.);
  • different types of massage and other methods of manual therapy (chiropractic, osteopathy, etc.), physiotherapy;
  • other types of non-traditional treatments (iplikator use, differen
    t types of acupuncture, Su-Jok therapy, therapeutic areas of yoga, Qigong, acupressure, meditation techniques, auditory training, etc.).


Alternative Medicine:

efficacy and safety

Using these techniques tested for centuries allows some patients with chronic diseases of the joints in some cases, reduce the dosage of drugs that often have undesirable side effects, and in some cases even completely abandon themuse, but always with the approval of the treating physician.

important factor in the preference for the treatment of pain in arthritis by means of alternative medicine is an increasingly growing population of allergy.

And though she often wears a polyvalent (multivariate) character, including a number of natural factors (for example, vasomotor rhinitis, seasonal pollinosis - a reaction to pollen, there is also food, cold allergy, allergic to insect bites, bee andother products of their activity, etc.), is still a wide range of therapeutic possibilities of natural factors allows patients to choose appropriate effective and safe treatment.

But in any situation before you begin to treat arthritis pain, it is necessary to consult with your doctor, because it is much more competent in matters of compatibility of different ways to treat each other and their effect on other organs and systems of the body and the possibility of a variety of reactions totheir use.

It is possible that the doctor will recommend use in acute medical and / or other treatment with traditional medicines, and after removal of the acute switch to supporting and prophylactic treatment with regular use of traditional medicine, as well as physical therapy and massage.

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