Symptoms of eating disorders

Eating disorders - a group of diseases characterized by an unhealthy attitude toward food.There are three basic types of disorders: anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder.

Eating disorders usually develop in adolescence and young adulthood and affect women more often than men.

causes of these diseases is not known, but important role in their development play such psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, difficulty in managing emotions and low self-esteem.

People with eating disorders usually try to hide their condition, therefore, recognize the disease, to provide assistance in a timely manner, often very difficult.Symptoms of eating disorders vary, the following are the main ones.

Anorexia Patients with anorexia are in constant fear to get better, so do their best to get rid of or prevent the emergence of excess weight.

However, out of frustration formed stable vicious circle: the more the patient loses weight, the more he becomes obsessed with their appearance and the more afr

aid again to recover.

Symptoms of anorexia in the early stages of mild, but grow as the disease progresses:

  • significant and sudden weight loss;
  • desire to wear a large, bulky clothes to hide thinness;
  • concern about food, diets, counting calories, etc .;
  • waiver of certain types of food, such as the exclusion of fats;
  • avoiding meals, trying to not eat in front of others;
  • desire to cook for others, but it is not cooked;
  • comments about his own fullness;
  • complaints of pain in the stomach;
  • denial that excessive thinness is a problem.


People with bulimia, on the contrary, eat a lot.Attacks followed by binge eating followed by attempts to compensate for the gain weight with the help of the use of diet drugs, laxatives and vomiting drugs, exhausting exercise.

Unlike patients with anorexia, in people suffering from bulimia nervosa, weight, generally within the normal range.However, a distorted view of themselves lead to the fact that they see themselves as fat, which is why and seek to get rid of the extra kilos.

bulimia can be recognized by the following symptoms:

  • bouts of overeating, which can be judged by the disappearance of large quantities of food in a short time;
  • attempts to get rid of the food eaten after such attacks: trips to the bathroom after meals, the presence of vomiting, diuretics, laxatives;
  • excessive exercise;
  • complaints about excessive fullness, dissatisfaction with appearance, trying to hide the "excess" weight under clothing;
  • constant use of chewing gum, mints, frequent mouth rinse;
  • follow diets.

binge eating disorder

binge eating disorder characterized by frequent episodes of binge eating, but, unlike bulimia, patients with this disorder do not try to neutralize the effects of such episodes.

Usually bouts of overeating associated with mental stress, which leads to a definite dependence: the more a person is going through, the more he eats - eats the more, the more worries because of overeating.As a result, binge eating disorder often leads to obesity.

symptoms of binge eating disorder are similar to the symptoms of bulimia nervosa, except trying to get rid of excess weight in extreme ways:

  • bouts of binge eating;
  • unwillingness to have in front of others;
  • attempts to hide food in strange places;
  • constant adherence to diet, but without a significant weight reduction.

All eating disorders are treatable, if the time to pay attention to the symptoms and refer to specialists.In the absence of treatment of such disorders can cause significant, and even irreparable damage to health.

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