Vitamin C : 9 interesting facts

Vitamin C : 9 interesting facts
It seems that on the vitamin C we know almost everything that "lives" it in citrus fruits, useful for colds, and in the spring to prevent the easiest way to use vitamin enriched them pop.We would like to surprise you.Most of our understanding of vitamin C in reality not true.
  1. leader on the content of vitamin C is not orange or other citrus fruit of the brethren, and Barbados cherry: 100 g of berries - about 1677.6 mg of the vitamin, which is 2796% compensates for the daily need for it.The second and third place - spices and hips: 100 g spices on average about 566.7 mg of vitamin C or 945% of the daily requirement, and rose hips - 426 mg, or 710% of the daily requirement.
  2. leaders on the content of vitamin C include citrus fruits not sour lemons, and oranges.100 g pulp of ripe fruit contains about 60 mg of this vitamin.The same amount of lemon pulp - total 40 mg, grapefruit - 45 mg, and mandarin - only 38 mg!
  3. Vitamin C does not tolerate the heat treatment."When cooking is lost 50-60% of vitamin C, an
    d in the preparation of vegetable casseroles, meatballs, mashed potatoes - 75-90%, - says Alla Pogozheva .- Therefore it is necessary to eat fruits, vegetables, fresh fruit form, not boiled or stewed. "
  4. drink overdose of vitamin C for the treatment and prevention of colds, as advised by Linus Pauling, is simply meaningless.According to research by Australian scientists from the National Center for Epidemiology and health of the nation (ANU'S), high doses of vitamin C is not aid recovery.In addition, according to the US National Institutes of Health, on the day of our body is able to absorb no more than 400 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C
  5. losing weight is particularly useful."He is involved in redox processes, tissue respiration, protein synthesis, - says Elena Tikhomirov .- It also helps to eliminate swelling and prevents the accumulation of free radicals in the body. "
  6. most accessible form for the body of vitamin C "lives" in fruits, berries and vegetables, rather than tablets."It is proved that it is best absorbed from natural sources.In addition, if you consume more vitamin C than you need, from food, it will indicate the excess from the body, while synthetic vitamin C overdose is dangerous for the kidneys and liver, "- says Elena Vovk .
  7. The most common vitamin C deficiency occurs in diseases of the intestine, when it is simply not absorbed from food.Also provoke his flight from the body smoking and the abuse of the coffee.
  8. Vitamin C does not tolerate long-term storage."The greens a day is only 40-60% of the original amount of vitamin C in apples after 3 months - about 85%, six months - 75%," - says Alla Pogozheva .
  9. There are several forms of vitamin C. "The ascorbic acid, vitamin C another name, there are several isomers, but only the active one - L-ascorbic acid.The active form of the vitamin has to substances of vegetable origin, as your vitamin is synthesized in the liver of animals C from glucose, but it is not the active form, "- says Svetlana Völker .


Elena Tikhomirov , a member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, nutritionist "CM-Clinic."

Svetlana Völker , physician, endocrinologist at the clinic «Alfa Health Center".

Alla Pogozheva , dietician, head of the department of cardiovascular disease Clinics Clinical Nutrition Research Institute of Nutrition RAMS, MD, Professor, author of the book "Strategy of healthy nutrition from adolescence to adulthood."

Elena Vovk , a. M. N, an assistant professor of therapy, clinical pharmacology and medical emergencies of the Moscow State Medical and Dental University.

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