Kuru : cannibal disease

Kuru : cannibal disease
One of the amazing and rare diseases in the world was the discovery in the early XX century in the Fore tribe of Aborigines living in the highlands of New Guinea, Kuru disease.

terrible damage

Foret been opened relatively recently - in 1932 prospector Ted Eybenkom.Christian priests went to preach to them in 1949, found terrible things.

Firstly, the tribe was engaged in cannibalism, and their favorite ritual was eating the brain of the deceased family member.It was believed that this gives them intelligence and other good qualities of the deceased.

Another discovery was frightening disease kuru, which in their language means "trembling", "corruption".Symptoms of this disease really reflects its name.

American physician Carleton Gaydushek in 1957 has described this disease: "In the beginning patients disturbed coordination of movements, and then - walk.Begin headaches, cough, runny nose and fever.For some time, there is involuntary tremors, head, hands and feet.Sometimes this is accompanied by unco

ntrollable laughter.Within 10-16 months, the victim of the disease lose their ability to move and eat, and then die. "

Sami Fore believed that the cause of this scourge is the evil eye and spoilage imposed wizards from another tribe.

It's all in the brain

Doctors began studying a new disease.Gaydushek suggested that kuru affects the human brain.It was true - the degradation of the brain in patients made him look like a sponge.The disease is relentlessly destroying the nerve cells of the cerebellum.All medicines are powerless.This incubation period can last more than 20 years.

However, after six years of research, the doctor found that the disease is infectious in nature and is passed through the brain of an infected person.In the ritual cannibalism proved guilty.The fact that the monstrous rite traditionally involved women and children of the tribe.And they are often men who ate mainly beans and yams, suffering from kuru.

scientist helped the published material about the other mysterious diseases - scrapie, which affects sheep.However, signs of illness and death were very similar.And when the researchers injected brain tissue of infected sheep are healthy, she also became ill, but after a year.This allowed to talk about the slow nature of the infection.

was confirmed this hypothesis after the handicap given up eating their dead tribesmen.Cases of the disease and in fact disappeared.

Doctors attributed to the Kuru prion infection, one type of spongiform encephalopathy.For his discovery Carlton Gaydushek received in 1976 the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.The money he donated suffering tribe.However, the very opening of the author does not agree with the prion theory and believed that the blame for the so-called slow viruses.

threat delayed action

Scientists still do not know how to deal with slow viruses.They are immune to any effects, including radiation and high temperature.In size they are 10 times lower than the smallest of the traditional virus, but surpass them in their deceit.They undermine the body gradually, causing damage, wear and more like a self-destruction.

other similar prion disease of the group is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.The brain of the victim is also covered by voids and resembles a spongy mass.One of the alleged sources, but not the only one, is eating beef infected with mad cow disease.

Using materials: Wikipedia, paranormal-news.ru, planeta.by

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