Cooking hands of a blind child to read and write

How to develop fine motor skills among the visually impaired baby: special exercises.

Braille Letter requires strong hands and delicate fingers.At the same time a school for visually impaired children often come with weak hands, with poor fine motor.They are not able to make small steps, search activity, perceive relief images, and is the basis of reading and writing in Braille.

development of fine motor skills in blind children

fine motor skills in children with impaired vision, as well as healthy, you need to develop from an early age.

In 2-3 years the children can hold special sessions - every day for ten minutes.Start them with small hands massage: rubbing, stroking, patting until the heat.Soon the child learns to make himself a massage and be able to prepare his hands to work.

then performed exercises for the fingers, combined with funny poems, nursery rhymes, games:

  • child alternately bends his fingers and says: this finger - Mom, this finger - Dad, this finger - the grandmother, the fin
    ger - grandfather and baby- it's me, that's my whole family.
  • child alternately unbend the bent fingers:

Nu-ka, brothers, for the work,
Show your hunting,
more - chop wood,
index - the oven to heat,
medium - water wear,
Nameless - cook dinner,
A little finger - a cake to bake.

Exercises for fingers and hands

  • «Hello": alternately greet all the fingers, with a great big, with the index finger and the like
  • «Goat-Boxthorn": pull the index finger and little finger, and the rest of the fingers bent.
  • thumb and index finger extended, the others joined together.
  • «Funny men": the index and middle fingers run over the table.
  • Make click fingers alternately right and left hands.
  • «Fish": wrist produce a wavelike motion.
  • Make wrists oscillatory motion, mimicking the flight of birds.

Contribute to the development of fine motor skills playing with colorful mosaics, designers, as well as the molding of the clay, pencil stroke patterns (markers for this purpose are not suitable, because it does not require muscle tension).

When organizing any activity of the child need to analyze how much it contributes to the development of fine motor skills.Parents can entrust the children to touch the rump, disassemble or thread buttons, unwinding reel and balls of wool, washable handkerchiefs and socks.

Preparing a blind child to read Braille

To prepare a blind child to read Braille parents should teach the pads of his fingers to perceive various relief images.

To do this, use cardboard or foil.Parents do on the surface of any point or line, and child on the reverse side reads the image.

Subsequently, the child himself will make such drawings and reading them.

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