The most common disease of the XXI century

The most common disease of the XXI century
Science fiction writers of the past centuries believed that the people of the XXI century will be traveling to other planets, to command the robots and live forever.And in 2014 - we are surrounded by nanotechnology, virtual worlds, social networks, and even stress, bad ecology and natural anomalies.

Eternal life is still fantastic.Medicine continues to struggle with the old diseases and looking for ways to counter the new spread of the disease.

Top last

disease is difficult to imagine, but in the near XX century, died about 500 million people from the smallpox virus.Only in 1967, the WHO has decided to mass vaccination against smallpox.

Cholera, a disease known since ancient times, has caused millions of deaths.Despite the fact that now the infection is no longer the same hazards in the world every year and even recorded epidemic infection cases.For example, in Haiti, in late 2010, killing more than 3 thousand. People and another 200 thousand. Were infected with Vibrio cholerae.

Until XX century pandemic was of the plague.In the 1898-1963 year of the plague in India killed more than 12 million people.In vain to believe that the plague is in the past.According to WHO, the number of cases of plague every year more than 2 thousand. Man, and this trend is not reduced.

Common diseases of our time

modern picture of mortality is radically different from the past centuries.Individual cases of plague and cholera recorded so far, but do not claim the lives of millions of people.

55% of the total number of deaths is the death rate from heart and vascular diseases.This statistic is alarming mainly because many diseases are significantly rejuvenated with increasing life expectancy.

According to the WHO, it is Russia that is leading in the prevalence of coronary heart disease, stroke and hypertension.And this is not a disease of older people suffering from these diseases, regardless of age.

According to Rosstat, 434 thousand. People with illnesses have been reported for the year 2000, characterized by high blood pressure, by 2012 this figure increased almost twice and amounted to 841 thousand. Man.

Amaze and other figures.For example, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, in 2012 there were more than 47 million people with respiratory diseases.

Perhaps the respiratory disease can be considered the most common diseases of the XXI century.Among the most common disease - bronchitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia and others.The nature of these diseases can be not only infectious (viruses, bacteria, fungi), but also of allergic, autoimmune, hereditary.

heavily influenced by the modern way of life.We often are in close proximity to smokers people breathe exhaust gases or spend weekdays in cramped offices.Even photocopiers and printers help to reduce the protective functions of the body, but because of air conditioners (which operate the cooling, then heating the air) successfully breed pathogens.

Speaking about common diseases of the century can not ignore HIV.Despite the fact that the human immunodeficiency virus was discovered in 1983 year, it still retains its position.

Thus, in Russia the number of registered HIV-infected patients with 78 thousand. People in 2000 rose to 438 thousand. People in 2012.

The top ten countries with the highest number of HIV-infected people (data for 2006-2007) include:

  • India (6.5 million);
  • South Africa (5.5 million);
  • Ethiopia (4.1 million);
  • Nigeria (3.6 million);
  • Mozambique (1.8 million);
  • Kenya (1.7 million);
  • Zimbabwe (1.7 million);
  • US
  • (1,3 mn);
  • Russia (1 million);
  • and China (1 million).


Most diseases of the XXI century international.These global threats include cancer.There is a statistic that indicates a predisposition countries to certain forms of cancer.

The smoking countries, such as Scotland and the UK, more common in lung cancer;Breast cancer is more common in countries where women are having children later in life, with pancreatic cancer often face in the United States, Canada and Denmark - it is due primarily to the food culture.

Even a decade ago, it was assumed that people of previous centuries simply did not live up to cancer, and ways to diagnose in medicine was not.However, cancer of the XXI century is also much younger.

At first glance, the problems of the digestive system and metabolism seem insignificant compared to pandemic infections of past centuries.But they affect other organs in the body.Thus, obesity is accompanied by an increase in blood cholesterol and can cause the development of diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and further stroke and heart attack.Consequently, digestive problems with the results of the mortality statistics are inextricably linked.

worldwide challenge, according to WHO, is considered a problem of infertility.To name the exact number of people who are incapable of reproduction, it is impossible.However, the number of visits to specialists due to the inability to have children is inexorably growing worldwide.

characteristic of our age can be considered and the increased number of people with neuroses, psychoses and depression.Crazy rhythm of the city, globalization, technological advances require a person to be flexible to the rapidly changing conditions of life.This often occurs in damage to health.Annually in Russia from 2000 to 2012 recorded more than 2 million people with diseases of the nervous system, and how many people can not admit his need to see a specialist?

not need to live like a rocket and implement the ideas of science fiction writers.Start the day after a full sleep, get up with the "right" legs, take your time to live - take the time to breakfast and lunch, go for a walk, look for positive emotions - and stay healthy!

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