What benefits are available to disabled 2 groups

What benefits are available to disabled 2 groups
People who have certain restrictions for health reasons, need special support.Considering this factor, at the federal level are developed social laws that guarantee disabled people, including 2 groups, a number of benefits and privileges.

2 groups invalids benefits are provided for the whole disability period until the next survey, which is conducted in the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise.

For laid benefits invalid 2 groups should contact the local office of the Pension Fund and the Office of Social Welfare.

On what basis is assigned to Group 2 disability

Significant health problems caused by disease, trauma or congenital defects are a cause for disability grade 2.At the same time preserved the ability of a person to self-service, it does not need constant care and can work in special conditions and special treatment.

main criterion for assigning disability group 2 is expressed by limiting the vital abilities:

  • learning;
  • to work;
  • to orientation;
  • to communicate.

also disabled 2 group

s experiencing difficulties in self-care, self-control and self-movement behavior.

What allowances are provided to disabled 2 groups

The disability pension in 2014 (before April 1) for the disabled of the second group of 3610.31 rubles.Depending on the number of dependents (one, two or three) this amount increases and accordingly is 4813.76 rubles 6017.19 rubles, or 7220.63 per month.

Since 2005, disabled the second group to replace a number of benefits provided earlier in its natural form, have the opportunity to choose to receive monthly payments.Prior to April 1, 2014 EDV Disabled 2 groups of 2022.78 rubles.

Benefits disabled 2 groups in the preparation of social services

so-called social package ensures a disabled group 2 medications, spa treatment and travel to the resort by train and intercity transportation: train, plane, bus.A disabled person has the possibility to receive social services in kind, cash or combined terms.

Invalids 2 groups, if necessary, can use the services of social workers.As a rule, people with disabilities (especially living alone) are in need of care, in obtaining medical and legal services for assistance with leisure activities, vocational training and employment.These social services are provided to disabled 2 groups under the conditions of partial payment or be free of charge, if the beneficiary incomes are below the poverty line adopted in the region.

Benefits disabled 2 groups in the preparation of

medical services of great importance for persons belonging to the "disabled" category, have benefits in the health sector.Invalids 2 groups can count on ...

  • Preferential purchase of medicines, including dressings.The privilege is granted to unemployed persons with disabilities for free.For disabled workers provided preferential program for the acquisition of drugs.Thus, 50% discount applies to certain types of drugs and other medical products for medical prescriptions.A similar system applies to disabled workers who are temporarily unemployed.
  • Purchase of orthopedic shoes, wheelchairs, hearing aids, bandage products at a discount.These measures of social support for the disabled are available in two ways: from the federal budget and regional programs.
  • free dentures.

Benefits disabled 2 groups in education

the presence of the documents confirming the disability, and the successful passing of entrance examinations, a citizen may be enrolled in a higher or specialized secondary school free of charge out of the competition.For the entire period of training he will be paid stipend regardless of performance level.

Benefits disabled 2 groups while using transport

right to free transportation is available to disabled 2 groups.This benefit does not apply to this type of transport, as taxis.In addition, a reduced fare on the long-distance transport, including road, river, rail.

housing benefits to disabled 2 groups invalids

2 groups receive a discount of at least 50% of the rents in the houses of the state, municipal and public housing.A similar exemption concerns the payment of utility services and telephone services regardless of affiliation housing.

the presence of certain chronic diseases (according to the Russian Government approved list) persons with disabilities should be provided with housing on preferential terms.

Tax incentives disabled 2 groups

Benefits of possible use in the payment of personal income tax, transport, land and property taxes.In some cases, people with disabilities are fully exempt from payment of state fees and partially from payment of notarial services.

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