The national disease: medical geography

The national disease: medical geography
Medical geography - a special branch of medicine that deals with the study of diseases in connection with the nationality and place of residence of the patient.

Some diseases are found only in people of a certain nationality or, in some regions - the so-called endemic diseases.

national disease may be associated with a genetic predisposition, or with the diet and lifestyle of some people.

Hereditary national disease

Genetic diseases associated with disturbances in the genome of the cells and are inherited.In many cultures there are defects in the genes that cause the appearance of specific diseases typical of people of the same nationality.

There is a racial predisposition to certain diseases, such as black people often suffer from hypertension, which flows from them harder than whites.

Periodic disease (Mediterranean fever) - a vivid example of a national disease, passed from parent to child.

disease affects ethnic groups whose ancestors have lived in the Mediterranean basin.It Armenians, Je

ws, Basques, Arabs.

disease attributed to amyloidosis - pathology, the symptoms of which are caused by the deposition of abnormal protein in the organs (amyloid).Manifested periodic attacks of fever with severe pain and inflammation - pleurisy, pericarditis, peritonitis.

Thalassemia - a group of diseases caused by abnormal increase in hemoglobin and red blood cell destruction.These national disease occur more often in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, as well as in Georgia and Armenia.Residents of these countries suffer from a severe form of thalassemia - Cooley's disease, mild form (thalassemia minor) occurs in Greece and Italy.

Sickle cell anemia - a form of hereditary anemia with the appearance of abnormal red blood cells that have a curved shape.Distributed in Mediterranean countries and North Africa.The region is a natural hotbed of malaria.The advent of genetic mutation that changes the shape of red blood cells, is associated with protection from infection with malaria plasmodium.It was noted that people who are carriers of the defective gene are less susceptible to malaria.

Regions malaria

Syndrome Yamaguchi - a form of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is found mainly in Japan.

hereditary sensitivity to alcohol - the peoples of the Far North, Japan, Korea and some other reduced level of enzymes that break down alcohol.Therefore, they will reach the stage of intoxication than other people, they often develop alcoholism.

Diseases associated with features of power

national disease may be associated with an excess or deficiency in the diet of certain substances.Such diseases include endemic disease caused by an imbalance in the soil and water microelements.

  • Keshan disease - endemic cardiomyopathy, occurs in regions with low selenium.Distribution Zone - China and Trans-Baikal regions.
  • Endemic goiter - thyroid disease, caused by iodine deficiency.Areas of goiter are in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, the United States and other countries.In Russia, it is in the Urals, the Caucasus, Altai.
  • Fluorosis - deposition of fluoride in the body when it is over-hit from the environment.It manifested the appearance of spots on tooth enamel and bone lesions.

Some eating habits and national traditions sometimes lead to the development of pathologies.For example, kwashiorkor - a disease, also known as "baby pellagra."It circulated in parts of Africa and Asia, where the food is poor in protein, which leads to the development of severe dystrophy.

In Asia, where the main food was polished rice, met vitamin B1 vitamin deficiencies (beriberi disease) and related neurological disorders.National disease

Asian peoples can be considered and esophageal cancer - because of the tradition of eating overly spicy and hot food in the East it is diagnosed more often than in other regions.

In Russia, from genetic abnormalities are common cystic fibrosis, phenylketonuria, spinal amyotrophy and sensorineural hearing loss.

Chuvashia born many children with congenital osteoporosis, and in Mari El and Udmurtia - with ichthyosis (generalized violation of keratinization of the skin).

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