How to get rid of corns

How to get rid of corns
Corn is one of the most common skin problems, but medical help when they occur, few turns.As a rule, people are wondering how to get rid of calluses at home.

Calluses are areas of damaged skin in the form of build-up of keratinized or bladder with serous contents.

Most often blisters occur on the inner surface of the feet, heels, palms, fingers and toes.This is due to localization reasons for the emergence of corns, the main of which - lasting impact on the delicate skin of traumatic factors: prolonged friction and pressure on the skin uncomfortable, tight shoes and clothes, working with tools with bare hands, wearing shoes with high heels.So how to get rid of calluses?

How to get rid of dry calluses

The basis of the appearance of dry calluses laid a protective reaction of the organism.To avoid the appearance of wounds at a constant irritation of the skin of her upper layer begins to thicken and grow.The end result, a rough plaque protruding above the skin surface.The body itself is a kind of corn

cone apex extending deep into the tissue.These blisters are classified ingrown.

most often appear dry calluses on the heels, ball of the foot or the outer surfaces of the toes.Often dry calluses and painful sensations when walking and look unaesthetic.Therefore, many people are wondering how to get rid of calluses.

Drug therapy involves the use of external agents on the basis of salicylic acid.Medicinal ointment applied to the skin steaming and left for 6-8 hours.Thereafter, the softened layer of the epidermis brushes with pumice.In addition, special patches are available, designed to get rid of calluses.

Hardware treatment of dry calluses is carried out in cosmetic offices and is polishing the rough skin and drilling a corpus rod special pedicure drill.Also used laser and liquid nitrogen to remove calluses.

Traditional healers provide advice on how to get rid of calluses using the gifts of nature.

  • steam the legs and attach to corn heated and rolled out a thin layer of propolis.Secure it with an adhesive plaster and leave for 3-4 days.If necessary, repeat the procedure 2-3 times.Then take a warm bath and remove the corn.
  • Onion cut in half, pour 200 ml of vinegar and insist night.Separate the onion into slices and fasten them on steamed corn, changing lotion twice a day.
  • grate raw potatoes.Mass applied to the affected area and secure the bandage.Leave overnight.Repeat the procedure until softening of the skin.

How to get rid of calluses wet

Wet corn is usually formed by rubbing a new shoe.The first point of contact skin reddens and then under the top layer of the epidermis, or lymphatic fluid accumulates in some cases blood.This blister is strongly constrains movement and pain.If, however, because of the reckless actions of the bubble bursts and the wound surface is recorded infection, a serious inflammation may develop.

Before you interested in how to get rid of calluses, you need to stop irritating to the skin.To ease the pressure, you can use a bactericidal plaster protecting against infection or protivomozolnym soft patch, accelerating healing.

small bubbles can not be pierced, as the skin on them prevents infection, and accumulated fluid - from friction.For drying it is recommended to use preparations with zinc, and around the bladder to lubricate antiseptic.Remove the moist tenderness of corn mush helps cayenne green peas, plantain leaf, aloe, ivy, swab of cotton wool soaked in cold milk.

If the blister is very large and is arranged so that inevitably breaks, can not do without it draining.To do this, wipe it with alcohol and covered with sterile gauze.A sterile needle on a disposable syringe gently pierce the bubble at the edges, introducing cutting edge parallel to the skin.Gently squeeze the liquid pressing cloth.Lubricate punctured corn antibacterial ointment and apply a bandage loosely.


How to get rid of new calluses on the feet dry calluses

formed relatively recently, called corns.If no action is taken, the corn will grow, penetrate deeper, and get rid of ingrown build-up will be more difficult.

To remove corns antimozolnye can use creams, ointments and plasters.It also helps to soften and exfoliate rough skin wrap with celandine.

To make it, you need a blender to grind fresh grass celandine.The resulting mass before going to bed should be imposed on the area of ​​callosities.Top with a piece of polyethylene to close and secure the bandage.Wear cotton socks and leave compress at night.Repeat procedure should be up to the complete disappearance of corns.

Fresh wet corn caused neraznoshennoy footwear, effectively heals crumb of rye bread, soaked in natural apple cider vinegar.It should be attached to the blister and leave overnight.

How to get rid of calluses on the hands

Most often affects the skin of the fingers.Treatment corns on hand in the most cases carried out in the same way as on the feet.The essential requirements for a successful recovery are:

  • contents of the damaged area clean;
  • regular processing corn antiseptic preparations;
  • use protective equipment: gloves, fingertips, etc .;
  • use of emollient cream with vitamin A.

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