Benefits of working disabled

Benefits of working disabled
What benefits are entitled to the disabled at work?

disability entitles you to a reduction of requirements for employees and more favorable working conditions.Which depends on the degree of disability.

Recall to recognize someone disabled, necessary to carry out medical and social expertise.By law, a person is considered disabled, having health problems with persistent disorder of body functions associated with diseases, trauma or defect, leading to restriction of life and causing the need for its social protection.

How many hours of work?

employees with disabilities groups I and II laid a reduction in working time to 35 hours per week while maintaining a payment (the first part of Art. 92 of the Labour Code, Part Three Art. 23 of the Law N 181-FZ).

If medically disabled duration of working time should be less than indicated in the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to set him a part-time (shift) or part-time according to the medical report.

Then his work is paid in proportion to the time worked

and perform the scope of work (the second part of Art. 93 of the Labour Code).

work on part-time work does not lead to the employee any restrictions duration of the annual principal paid leave, calculation of seniority and other employment rights (the third part of Art. 93 of the Labour Code).

In addition, any group of disabled people can not be held the night or work overtime, as well as to work on weekends and holidays without their written consent.This work is possible, provided it does not contradict their medical condition.The fact that the employee is acquainted with their right to refuse it, he confirms in writing.


People with disabilities granted annual leave of not less than 30 days (art. 23 of the Law N 181-FZ).And according to the article.128 of the Labour Code working disabled persons upon written request be granted leave without pay for family reasons and other legitimate reasons, to 60 calendar days per year.

If the plant has been downsizing, the disabled and the Second World War fighting for the defense of the Fatherland should be left to work in the first place (the second part of Art. 179 of the Labour Code).

If disabled - child

can count on a number of privileges and, if the employee is the parent of a disabled child.

One of the parents, in whose care is a child, is entitled to a reduced working day (work week).It also can not be forced to work overtime, at night, on weekends and public holidays, send on business trips without their written consent (part five of Art. 96 of the Labour Code and of the second and third Art. 259 of the Labour Code).

In addition, for the care of a disabled child have to provide four additional paid days off per month.They can be used alone, or split between the parents.Payment for each additional day at the rate of average earnings (the first part of Art. 262 of the Labour Code).

If a woman raising a child with a disability on their own, she is entitled to additional annual leave without pay to 14 days (art. 263 of the Labour Code).The law also does not allow fire a single mother or a person raising a disabled child without a mother, on the initiative of the employer (the fourth part of Article 261 of the Labour Code).

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