The main manifestations of anemia

What are the main symptoms of anemia, and what factors influence their expression.

Violations arising from anemia, are relatively universal and systemic, that is observed in different types of anemia and proceed with involvement in the painful process of all organs and systems.

Factors influencing the severity of symptoms in anemia

intensity of the manifestations of anemia is largely determined by:

  • degree of reduction of the oxygen capacity of the blood (red blood cells, it is determined by the ability to bind and carry oxygen);
  • total volume of circulating blood;
  • state of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, their ability to compensate for hypoxia (oxygen starvation) of organs and tissues;
  • bone marrow status and cellular enzyme systems that affect tissue respiration.

The most common manifestations of anemia

One of the most common symptoms of anemia is small (subfebrile) increase in temperature during the day or evening, with severe anemia the body temperature may rise to 3

8-39 degrees.

This may be a manifestation of intoxication or joining a secondary infection.

In some patients there is a decrease in appetite, weight loss, develops the overall weakness, fatigue, especially on exertion, shortness of breath, rapid pulse, depressive background of mood and apathy.

skin in patients with pale, sometimes with cyanosis (bluish tint) or mild jaundice, can be traced to the sclera (tunica eye shell).

When expressed anemia can be traced small skin rashes, minor bleeding, and telangiectasias (spider veins), pustular rash.Dull hair, their growth slowed, nails exfoliate and break.

Very often developed stomatitis with bleeding gums, their ulceration, glossitis (tongue inflammation) with atrophy of tongue papillae, which gives it a painted look.Swallowing can be difficult and accompanied by choking.

Due to violations of the tissue respiration of hypoxic events (oxygen starvation) patients can be confusing for severe headaches, dizziness, impaired attention, drowsiness, muscle weakness and paresthesia, disturbance of skin sensitivity, as well as the weakening of the peripheral and twilight vision.

On palpation of the abdomen there is an increase in liver size, its light soreness.

In severe anemia may be determined by the enlarged spleen (in the left upper quadrant), as well as a slight increase in the different groups of peripheral lymph nodes.


prognosis of anemia in a timely and adequate therapy relatively favorable, with the exception of anemia occurring in malignant tumors, bone marrow lesions.

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