Early detection of breast cancer saves 9 women out of 10

Russia occupies one of the first places in the world of breast cancer morbidity and mortality.Annually 54 thousand. Russian women fall ill with breast cancer, 22 thousand. Killed.However, only 30% of women in Russia are regularly diagnosis, and 70% do not go to the doctor.

Experts are unanimous in their opinion that the most important problem over the years is the lack of a culture of health and the reluctance of Russians to be screened.

big problem is the attitude of Russian society to breast cancer.On the disease do not talk openly, women irresponsible about their health and are afraid to undergo early diagnosis, and in fact in 94% of cases, it can save lives and restore the beauty of the breast.

Also, there are no uniform standards for the treatment of breast cancer.As a result, the quality of treatment does not meet accepted international standards of treatment of cancer patients.

This factor, in particular the lack of effective therapeutic drugs is the cause of death of 55% of the patients.

October 15 in Moscow at the initiative of Avon charitable program within the international month of the fight against breast cancer, a round table on "Breast cancer as an acute social problem in Russia".

The round table Andrei Tyazhelnikov, chief physician of the Moscow clinic №5, talked about the state program targeted clinical examination aimed at promoting early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Victor Khailenko, Head.Department of Oncology Postgraduate Medical Faculty of Medical University, made a report on measures taken in the Russian standards of treatment of patients with breast cancer.

Representatives FGBU RCRC.NNBlokhin - Galina and Olga Korzhenkova Krokhina - noted the vital role of early diagnosis in reducing mortality from breast cancer.

The successful experience of the charitable programs of the corporate sector have told representatives of the companies Avon and Sanofi.

On the problem of public opinion in the fight against breast cancer expressed well-known journalist Katerina Gordeeva, author of the documentary project NTV "beat cancer."Also, in the round table was attended by Irina Muromtseva leading TV channel "Russia", the Ambassador of Avon charity program.

Roundtable participants agreed that the most important tool to reduce mortality from breast cancer is early diagnosis.

Mass screening programs, which are supported by the state, charitable organizations and charitable business programs do not yet have sufficient coverage - this is especially a problem for regions of Russia.

However, this is not the only problem that prevents a decrease in mortality from breast cancer.Russian women are poorly informed about the need for early diagnosis and do not know where and how to get tested.According to participants of the event, educating the public about breast cancer, and diagnostic methods must be carried out by joint efforts of state bodies, doctors, non-governmental organizations and the corporate sector.

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