Gastritis with high acidity : Symptoms

Gastritis with high acidity : Symptoms
Gastritis with high acidity is an inflammatory process which affects the mucous membrane of the stomach, which interferes with the normal secretion of gastric juice with the release of hydrochloric acid.Increased acid production leads to painful symptoms.

hyperacidity (increased acidity) gastritis has no seasonal pattern and occurs four times more often than hypoacid.It can occur in both acute and chronic forms.

When the initial symptoms of gastritis with high acidity need to be sure to consult a doctor.In severe cases may require hospitalization.In the absence of effective treatment and respect for the special diet form of acute gastritis may become chronic, dangerous for its complications.

consequence of chronic gastritis hyperacid may be the development of peptic ulcer disease, an increased risk of gastric bleeding and the development of gastric cancer.

Causes of gastritis with high acidity

  • Regular violation
  • diet Consumption mostly spicy, hot, rough food
  • poor chewing, eating dry rations
  • Prolonged uncontrolled medication, irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach
  • Impactharmful substances as a result of professional activity (lead compounds, coal, metal dust, etc.)
  • Intoxication in infectious diseases
  • Hereditary predisposition
  • infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori

symptoms of gastritis with high acidity

The clinical picture of gastritiswith acidity to the fore the so-called hunger pains.Pain burning character appear in the upper right part of the abdomen on an empty stomach, at night or soon after meals.

Among the symptoms of gastritis with high acidity are marked heaviness and bloating, belching air with an unpleasant odor caused by the deterioration of gastric motility and accumulation in it of fermentation products.

When giperatsidnom gastritis gastric hyperacidity irritates the stomach wall, causing them to reflex contraction.In this regard, the symptoms of gastritis with acidity joined heartburn and vomiting.Vomit are characterized by a high degree of acidity and bitterness.

Language at giperatsidnom gastritis is bright red with a touch of gray in the center.

Gastritis decreased bowel function, which results in frequent constipation.

As a rule, the appetite for gastritis remain the same or may increase.

With the progression of the disease occur symptoms such as irritability, worsening of sleep, decreased performance, sweating.

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