Pancreatitis : Symptoms , treatment , diet

Pancreatitis : Symptoms , treatment , diet
Pancreatitis - an inflammation of the pancreas, leading to its destruction and disturbance of the ability to synthesize digestive enzymes and hormones.Timely detection of pancreatitis, treatment and diet, with mandatory therapy will help the patient better cope with the disease.

pancreatitis is one of the first places among the diseases of the digestive system.

Unfortunately, the medical diagnosis of pancreatitis often occurs at the time when the disease is chronic.Therefore, doctors say: in the prevention and treatment of pancreas plays an important role the patient.

It should be a little more attentive to him, so as not to miss the first symptoms of pancreatitis.If you start a diet at the beginning of the disease, it is a positive impact on prognosis.

causes of pancreatitis

One of the main causes of pancreatitis - an unhealthy diet.The risk of developing pancreatitis significantly increased the abuse of alcohol and fatty food.That is why when the first symptoms of pancreatitis treatment is acco

mpanied by the introduction of a special diet.

The second leading cause is gallstones, which promotes the release of bile ducts in the pancreas, causing irritation.

Less common causes of pancreatitis are trauma, viral infections, long-term use of certain medications, stress, hypothermia.

Symptoms of pancreatitis

  • Abdominal pain is often persistent and severe, localized in the left upper quadrant and umbilical region, may radiate to the back or "encircle".
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Dry and pale skin.
  • Tenderness to palpation of the abdomen.
  • Change stool character.

treatment of pancreatitis

Underlying relieve acute symptoms of the disease are three rules - cold, hunger and peace.

Several times a day the patient on the area of ​​the pancreas is applied ice, the first 2-3 days excludes all food, nutrients are fed intravenous drip, recommended bed rest.It is symptomatic therapy - analgesics, antiemetic, antispasmodic, rehydration.

therapeutically If you can not remove an acute process, resort to surgical methods.The remission is added to enzyme replacement therapy and the main place in the treatment of pancreatitis goes strict dieting.

Diet for pancreatitis

One of the main conditions of the diet for pancreatitis - split meals to 5-6 meals per day.Well, if the products are in the form of frayed - they do not irritate the stomach and thereby create a gentle treatment for pancreatic cancer.

products should be cooked in a double boiler or in the oven.It is important that the food was not hot and not cold, but warm (approximately 40 ºC).

Recommended products for pancreatitis

  • Soups on low vegetable or chicken broth
  • Stale bread
  • lean meats and dishes made from them (soufflés, croquettes, meatballs, etc.)
  • Fish (sea, river)
  • Steam omelets
  • Any dairy products low-fat
  • unsalted butter (in limited quantities)
  • Refined vegetable oils
  • dishes of vegetables (fresh vegetables - only frayed a)
  • Baked apples and pears
  • pasta and cereals
  • compotes, jellies and drinks (weak tea, broth bran or rose hips, etc..)
  • Jelly

Prohibited products pancreatitis

  • Strong fish and meat broths
  • Millet and dishes with his participation
  • Oil-richpoultry, meat and fish
  • Any fried and spicy food
  • refractory fats (mutton, beef)
  • radish, radish, cabbage, turnips, rutabaga, sorrel and spinach
  • Baking and rye bread
  • sausages, canned, smoked
  • Alcohol
  • Ice

to prevent a recurrence and to prevent the return of acute symptoms of pancreatitis after treatment, the diet is shown to the patient as a permanent diet.

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