Gastritis with low acidity : Symptoms

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One variety of the gastric mucosa is an inflammation gastritis with low acidity.The main symptoms of gastritis with low acidity caused by insufficient production of hydrochloric acid needed to digest food.

Gastritis with low acidity is common in people of mature and elderly who prefer fatty, spicy, coarse food, spirits who do not observe the correct diet.

addition, cause gastritis with low acidity are autoimmune diseases, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, abnormal metabolism, endocrine disorders, long-term use of drugs that irritate the stomach lining.Important role in the development of the disease plays a hereditary factor.

symptoms of gastritis with low acidity

At the initial stage of gastritis with low acidity are the main symptom of dyspepsia caused by poor digestion of food.Patients feel heaviness and discomfort in the epigastric region.They are concerned burping air with the smell of rotten eggs, frequent nausea, furred tongue, loss of appetite.

Severe pain in gastritis with low acidity is not typical.Depending on the food eaten and amount of its weak aching pain can sometimes appear an hour after eating.

common symptom of gastritis with low acidity is the weakness, palpitations, dizziness after the meal.

unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth when hypoacid gastritis may be accompanied by profuse salivation and heartburn, and in some cases - vomiting on an empty stomach.

Frequent symptoms of gastritis with low acidity - diarrhea and flatulence, caused by violation of the secretory function of the gastric glands.In this regard, it multiplies in the intestine pathological microflora, causing decay and fermentation processes.

Complications of gastritis with low acidity

In the absence of a full medical treatment and compliance with therapeutic diet later hypoacid gastritis may provoke the development of various diseases:

  • affected duodenum and liver;
  • develops functional pancreatic insufficiency;
  • protein and vitamin deficiency appear dry skin, stomatitis, Zayed in the corners of the mouth, changes in the nail plate;
  • progressing anemia;
  • acquire shingles pain character, enhanced by flatulence, constipation alternating with diarrhea;
  • amid increasing signs of gastritis with low acidity of the patient may experience neuro-psychiatric disorders.

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