Poisoning by nitrates : Symptoms

Poisoning by nitrates : Symptoms
Salts of nitric acid - nitrates - fertilizer, contributes to the growth of agricultural plants.But there is a downside.Penetrating in large quantities in the roots and vegetables, and therefore the human body, they can cause a dangerous condition - poisoning by nitrates.

Getting in the human body, nitrates are rapidly absorbed into the blood and become an extremely dangerous poison.If poisoning nitrate nitric acid compound reacted with oxyhemoglobin in blood (main source of oxygen for the body), resulting in a methemoglobin, which is unable to bind and to bring oxygen to the tissues.

All this leads to methemoglobinemia and oxygen starvation of the body (hypoxia).When the content of methemoglobin in the blood about 15% of the first symptoms of poisoning by nitrates - lethargy, drowsiness.When the content of more than 50% of the death occurs from asphyxiation.

Symptoms of poisoning by nitrates

first nitrate poisoning symptoms appear after about 1-6 hours after intake.

It should be understood that t

he poisoning takes place at all with varying degrees of severity, depending on the amount of poison contained in used products, the state of the protective microflora in the human intestine, the individual sensitivity of the body, and others.

In most cases, symptoms of poisoning by nitrates present the following:

  • nausea (vomiting);
  • diarrhea;
  • pain in the liver (in the right upper quadrant);
  • decrease in blood pressure, dizziness;
  • weakness, lethargy, drowsiness;
  • incoordination;
  • cyanosis, tachycardia, shortness of breath;
  • headache, ringing in the ears;
  • in severe cases - loss of consciousness, seizures.

When the first symptoms of poisoning nitrate is an urgent need to take action: without urgent intervention the condition can be fatal.

For adult lethal dose of nitrates is from 8 to 14 g, acute poisonings occur when the body is from 1 to 4 g of nitrate.

First Aid for symptoms of poisoning by nitrates

man showed symptoms of poisoning with nitrates should immediately clear the stomach - at home you can do so by giving to drink several glasses of pale pink solution of potassium permanganate and induce vomiting by artificial means.

It is advisable to repeat this manipulation several times.You can give a laxative.As a means that can help in relieving the symptoms of poisoning by nitrates, using activated charcoal, sweet tea with lemon, sauerkraut, vitamin C, glucose.

After first aid is required to call an ambulance.Probably, such a patient will need urgent hospitalization.

Prevention of poisoning by nitrates

best measure to prevent nitrate poisoning is the use of nitrate - the device for the quantitative measurement of nitrates in the products - with the purchase of fruits and vegetables.Also, the nitrate content in the products is reduced when cleaning, soaking, cooking.

nitrate effect on the body can be reduced by regularly eating certain foods and vitamins, such as:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • sauerkraut;
  • green tea;
  • kvass;
  • pickles;
  • sour fruit.

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