Gentle protection against viruses

Gentle protection against viruses
Viruses are one of the oldest on the planet forms of life, but they were known to mankind until the end of the nineteenth century, when it became possible to detect and study the smallest structures.

Now scientists have data on about 500 viruses that cause a variety of infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Despite their simple structure, viruses have an almost perfect reproduction mechanism, distribution and destruction of the body's cells.Against the majority of viruses there is no vaccine and drugs with selective action.

In addition, some viruses, especially those that are different epidemics and pandemics often mutate and thus remain invulnerable.

How do

viruses most frequently modern residents are faced with acute respiratory viral diseases, which arise through the fault of the influenza virus, parainfluenza, adenovirus, and others.

These viruses penetrate into the body, usually through the upper airways, after which disrupt vascular wall permeability, disrupt the protection of mucous membra

nes of the nasal cavity, eyes and reduce immunity.

Many familiar signs of viral infection such as fever, chills, headache, sore throat, pain when swallowing, runny nose, cough, watery eyes, weakness, nausea, and sometimes vomiting.These symptoms are in full force usually occur 2-3 day infection and subside with proper treatment to the 4-5 th day, and disappear altogether within a week.

Therapies SARS

common among parents misconception that of acute respiratory viral infections helps antimicrobials.In fact, antibiotics are absolutely helpless before viruses.Prescribers, when joined by bacterial infection.In

SARS use combined methods of therapy, including antiviral drugs are used which form the basis of treatment.These popular tools such as herbal teas, infusions, antipyretic, expectorant and other medications, are recommended as adjunctive therapy to relieve symptoms and eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Versatile defender

The human body has a unique protein compound called alpha-interferon, which first strikes to protect against viruses.And while the rest of the immune factors are shaken, interferon is produced and actively contributes to the destruction of infectious agents.

Unfortunately, the virus replicates much more than is produced interferon.In addition, the own protective functions can be significantly slowed down due to any adverse effects.Degrade the performance of immunity poor environmental conditions, poor diet, disturbed sleep and active mode, a rare exposure to fresh air, chronic stress, etc.

Therefore, your doctor may consider in treatment of SARS using the drugs interferon, among which more than 15 years in pediatric and medical therapy has been used successfully VIFERONĀ®.This drug does not give the virus to adapt to the body, not only it helps to get rid of the infection, strengthen the body's defenses, but also prevent the development of complications.

Convenience and safety

Distinctive features of the drug is that it can be without fear of harm to the application of the mother and child to be administered in the period of breastfeeding, as well as it can be shown to newborns and premature babies.

stands out among other VIFERONĀ® drug interferon well studied and long-term clinical studies on the basis of Russia's leading hospitals.

drug depletion does not cause immunity and does not lead to an artificial stimulation own interferon, and its application is absolutely natural for the body.A variety of forms and dosages of drug release will use it extensively, including for the prevention and the treatment of any of colds in children and pregnant women.

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