Colds , on the way out!

Colds , on the way out!
cough, runny nose, temperature - are the most common signs of the action of viral infections that cause to sit at home.But not everyone can afford to take sick leave and quietly cheer on the couch watching TV with a cup of vitamin or herbal drink.

Taking care of relatives and friends, workers, and other business people to chase a cold cold of the street in the rain, snow and slush.As a result of the common cold can result in serious complications, among which are often marked otitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Therefore, at the first sign of illness should stay home and not risk your health.In addition, it is not necessary to wait for the common cold, it is better to use methods that prevent infection.

once hurt?

It is clear that no one wants to feel weakness, headache, overlaid handkerchiefs and red eyes looking sadly out the window at hurrying somewhere pedestrians.But somehow, some neglected basic safety techniques from the cold and careless about their health.

Always worth remembering that ther

e are the most famous and simple protection methods, which include the following.

1. Before going out you must be sure to dress warmly, for example, wear a wool sweater with a turtleneck or sweater and a scarf, which is desirable to cover the mouth and nose.Shoes should be waterproof, gloves on his hands on the head cap.Vulnerable to bad weather should not remain no part of the body.In addition, it is inadmissible as a supercooled or overheated, you need to choose clothes for the season.

2. Autumn and winter - a period of the most viral activity, so you should avoid crowded places and move to a place of study, work or shopping on a pre-thought-out the shortest route.

3. Along the way, it is desirable not to touch public objects hands without gloves, as well as to grasp hold of the face, nose and mouth.If you can not avoid a handshake with the other person, then rub hands well special antimicrobial agent or wash them with soap and water.

4. Before going out the door, the nose can be treated protective agent, such as VIFERONĀ®-Gel, which is an antiviral agent, film forming, providing protection in the place of introduction of viruses - in the mucosa.

5. Returning home, you need to change into warm clothes home and lie down for half an hour to allow the body to recover and adapt to a more comfortable climate.

6. The house should not be a draft, but it is not necessary to arrange the steam room of the apartment.Therefore, you should ventilate the room, but do not forget that this process is necessary to leave the room so as not to be supercooled.

7. In the autumn-winter season included heating, which leads to increased dryness with the creation of favorable conditions for the existence of viruses.Therefore it is necessary to humidify a room at least 3-4 times a day and wet cleaning of the room.As the simplest method moisture can soak in cool water or a waffle cotton towels and hang them on the battery.

Therapeutic measures

If still cold manifested itself, it's time to start treatment, and as early as possible, so as not to get complications and tighten recovery.

The treatment of colds, there are many recipes and methods in which it is sometimes difficult to understand without a doctor's involvement, the more that appeal to a specialist is necessary.Independent selection of drugs, including a pharmacy, can lead to more severe disease and a significant weakening of the body.

quickly get rid of colds help only comprehensive treatment, where the main is the use of antiviral drugs.Your doctor may prescribe medication VIFERONĀ® in rectal suppositories, which provides strong support for the body to fight viruses and helps to strengthen the immune system.Conveniently, for each situation, you can choose the right scheme of therapy.

Help yourself!

There are ways that you can apply at any colds, if they do not have an allergic or other adverse reaction.For example, you can brew tea with lemon, honey or cranberry compote cook or prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs (chamomile, sage and St. John's wort) - any warm drink, and drink it in small sips every 15-20 minutes.

Exposure to elevated temperatures can not be used any vysokoteplovyh procedures, including consumption of hot tea and other beverages, as well as rubbing with ointments warming up.No need to throw the administration of drugs if symptoms have decreased, it is also important to sustain not only the terms of reception, but also to closely follow the dosages and frequency of use of medicines.And after a couple days of recovery follow sparing regimen.

At predilection to colds preferably in advance to collect the first aid kit with necessary medications.If the viral infection with proper treatment occur frequently, then you need to see a doctor for I survey.Perhaps the cause of the disease can be re-chronic diseases that cause low immunity.

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