Stress : risk

in stressful situations get all, regardless of gender, age, social status and health.Nevertheless, some people are stressed more than others.

single scale and clear criteria, which can be reliably judged that some people stress is not threatened, and the other from it can not escape, do not exist.The level of stress in our life depends on many individual factors.Among them is the general state of health, and character traits, and traumatic events taking place or have taken place in our lives.Even a personal relationship, the amount of the duties and responsibilities that we burden (as well as the expectations and requirements, imposed on us) - all of this to varying degrees, determines the level of stress, and our ability to cope with it.However, there are some commonalities.So, people who have a stable permanent job and secure social guarantees, suffer less from stress.Harder stress people suffer from malnutrition, sleep problems, and patients with chronic diseases.

Stress and age

Some risk for stress are directly related to the age and stage of life.For example, stress the most susceptible children, adolescents, working parents and the elderly.All these groups are experiencing a major change in the usual rhythm of life, they have to change their habits, circle of friends, learn new skills and break stereotypes.

Children first learn unfamiliar world, with all its surprises and surprises.Teenagers have to deal with an ever-increasing number of family demands and pressure of society, learn to cope with stress and deal with complex and new situations for them (the interaction with the group, the first relationship, examinations).In working parents to professional responsibilities added a huge responsibility for the child and the mountain of stressors related to his upbringing.And older people, retired, and did have to change the whole way of life, trying to get used to and accept even with not the best social position.

clash with stressors as they grow older is inevitable.In this or that period of life in any case we find ourselves at risk and feel helpless under the pressure of external circumstances, experience, and experience stress.However, it is worth remembering that a lot depends on our ability to manage personal stress, as well as support systems, which provide around us close people, friends and family.

Seek help in a difficult situation and themselves support close at the right time - one of the most effective and safest ways to deal with stress.The number of stressors from this, of course, will not change, but to cope with them without any health effects will be much easier.

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