Gray mold : invisible enemy

Gray mold : invisible enemy
How exactly can harm humans gray mold.

gray mold, formerly known as gray mold, is very dangerous to humans.

It belongs to saprophytic microfungi and grows virtually everywhere - on the walls of houses to food.

Her body consists of the mycelium from which grow up microscopic villi, interwoven into long filaments and proliferating in the side "shoots".These "runners" entwine products inland and along the perimeter.

Ways getting gray mold on food

Disputes gray mold products are always present in the air, high humidity increases the number of them at times.

They are constantly deposited on the food: meat, dairy products, bread, vegetables, fruits, cheeses (less cereals), grow rapidly in the mycelium and begin to destroy and degrade proteins and fats.

to mold quickly joined by bacteria, and within a few hours, the product already has a characteristic unpleasant odor, grayish-greenish color, it becomes slimy.

Gray mold: the danger

gray mold in the life process allocates special substances - mycoto

xins are extremely toxic to humans.Together with bacteria they can cause severe poisoning.

constant use slightly moldy bread contribute to a strong decrease in immunity, as well as the weakening of the body's frequent colds and other diseases.

In addition, the liver is suffering, which is necessary to remove toxins from the body.

The most common misconception: cutting off the moldy part of the product and fry it in a pan, it is possible to destroy the infection.Yes, the mold is destroyed, but remain mycotoxins.


Gray mold can be a powerful risk factor for diseases such as bronchial asthma, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infection, sinusitis, skin rashes, indigestion, headaches and nosebleeds.


  • reduce the level of humidity in the room, organize the work of ventilation systems;
  • handle bathroom, toilet and tile in the kitchen with special means against the mold;
  • follow the kitchens clean, do not leave food open on a table or plate;
  • never eat foods touched by mold;
  • to store products using the methods of freezing and canning.

If poisoning

With a slight poisoning to remove toxic substances from the body can help to receive any absorbent (activated carbon, etc.).

In case of severe poisoning should immediately call an ambulance.First aid is gastric lavage, call the gag reflex and a reception in the future (3-4 days) of intestinal antimicrobial drugs.

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