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Kombucha : useful properties

Kombucha : useful properties
The composition of Kombucha include yeasts and acetic acid bacteria.It is this amazing symbiosis of microorganisms provides an impressive number of useful properties of tea fungus.

Other names Kombucha (in addition to the official - Medusomyces Gisevi) - Marine kvass, Manchurian mushroom, Japanese mushroom, tea jelly, Japanese uterus, the Volga mushroom kvasets, Kombucha, meduzomitset.

Initially Kombucha was used to quench thirst by making it into something like kvass.Later they began to pay more attention to the study of its therapeutic qualities.The first scientific and very detailed description was carried out in 1913, a microbiologist Hans Lindau.

Bred kvasets often in ordinary three-liter jar, creating for him the right environment: medium strong sweet tea (approximately one liter of water two teaspoons of tea leaves and 5 tablespoons of sugar).The fungus was placed in a tea solution was cooled to room temperature.

fungus is a yellowish-brown mass, shaped like jellyfish: the upper part - dense

and glossy, the lower (sprout) - with plenty of nitey- "tentacles".It was at the bottom of the banks and will be valuable for the emergence of the health drink.

Useful properties of Kombucha

The composition of Kombucha include:

  • vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, the B9, B12, PP, D;
  • trace elements calcium, iodine, zinc;
  • other nutrients - glucuronic acid, has a general detoxification effect on the body;lactobacilli and yeast-like organisms that contribute to a good intestinal microflora.

Kombucha in folk medicine

In folk medicine, you can find a variety of medicinal and cosmetic recipes, which include meduzomitset.

  • Alcoholism.There is a theory according to which the guilt of human craving for strong drinks alcohol acts as a lack of internal taking part in the metabolism and the maintenance of immunity at the proper level.Thus, you can try to get rid of alcohol, eating more of fermentation products: kefir, fermented baked milk or tea fungus.Among other things, Kombucha due to contained therein glucuronic acid reduces the effects of poisoning by alcohol-containing drinks, and at the same time mitigate the effects on the body of chemicals (if you were treated, based on the suggestion of disgust to alcohol).
  • Anemia.Often deal with the reduced level of hemoglobin in the blood, along with proper nutrition and a course of specialized products and helps kombucha that contains folic acid, vitamins PP and B12.
  • stomatitis and periodontal disease.It is thought that the mouthwash infusion of tea fungus acts as a natural antibiotic, to destroy located on the oral mucosa and gums microbes.
  • Burns.Burns washed and moistened with Kombucha infusion, dilute a small amount of warm water.It has been observed that due to the presence of vitamin B1 will subside pain, and the burn healed quickly.
  • Insomnia.The composition of the healing broth includes one glass of water and a tea fungus, and one tablespoon of valerian root.This broth is sometimes added to the regular infusion of tea fungus and take not only with sleep disorders but also with stress.

True connoisseurs use Kombucha not only for medicinal or cosmetic purposes, but also in cooking: it is possible to prepare from vinegar, which is used as a salad dressing and for marinating meat.


contraindications contraindications to the use of Kombucha is not enough: the beverage is not recommended to take in diabetes, gastric hyperacidity and allergies to any component.

Of course, even in the absence of individual intolerance should not drink excessively strong infusion (especially before you get behind the wheel) and replace sugar substitutes different.

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