Blind child and preparation for school: the role of the family

child in pre-school age are not mastered basic skills of self-service, then it starts to lag behind in development, if under development to understand not only the ability to read and write, and the whole sphere of human manifestations.

before to send their children to school, parents usually worry if he was in a children's staff whether the teacher will understand their child will not be hurt if his high school students will be able to show whether all of their abilities.

emergence of such anxiety and doubt is justified.The whole life of the child change.Instead carefree games are the lessons and homework.It seems to be like other children, but mother and grandmother will replace teachers and teachers, the baby will have to part with familiar things and learn to find its place among the foreign boys and girls.For a blind child is a lot of stress.

stressful periods

Experts believe this period one of the most crisis throughout the life of the visually impaired people with disabilities.The crisis i

s compounded by the fact that all schools that specialize in teaching the visually impaired, have a residential type.This means that the child will be able to be at home and communicate with family in the best case, only at weekends.

For many children and parents is becoming a serious blow to the doctor prescription only to learn Braille, which means that the child begins to diverge from the worldview of his sighted relatives.

in special schools do not have assistants, and so much the child will have to do yourself.

What complexity

path of any child in school begins with what he had been taught before.Very often, parents do not spare the time and effort to teach your baby to read, write, count, memorize many poems, however, lose sight of the blind child learning basic self-help skills, orientation in space and personal hygiene.

course, experienced teachers and tutors will help the child, but it will be much more difficult to adapt to independent life than those children who already know how much.

Excessive guardianship in the family leads to the fact that the child becomes a despot and a dependent, and this role is transferred from the family to school, but at school she stops working.

What should parents teach

Giving the kid to school, parents need to give yourself the positive answers to these questions:

  • whether the child is able to self-Dress shoes, brush your teeth and wash your hair;
  • if he could have accurately;
  • whether he is able to navigate in a familiar and an unfamiliar space;
  • whether he is trying to solve problems on their own;
  • if he can learn to himself all that, what else can not.

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