18 ounces and carats

18 ounces and carats
The banquet "European" hall were awarded major industry awards.

The award ceremony XIV All-Russian open contest of professionals in pharmaceutical industry « Platinum Ounce » was held on April 10 in the banquet hall of the "European".

holiday guests for the evening made a symbolic journey around the world accompanied by broadcasters Larissa Verbitskaya and Mikhail Kozhukhov.In honor of the winners were a group of "accident", soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre and other stars.All color

pharmaceutical industry gathered for the traditional award ceremony of "Pharmaceutical Oscar" at the end of 2013 The theme of the evening was a trip around the world.

«It is a pity that all six continents have long been open, and we do not experience the feelings that I could enjoy the Christopher Columbus and James Cook.But if there is no earth card blanks, in their many science, and also in pharmaceuticals.A pharmacist, creates new drugs, also a kind of pioneer, "- welcomed the guests of the festival Mikhail Kozhukh


ceremony of awarding the winners of the competition was opened by Director of the Institute of Public Health, Yuri Krestinsky.He noted that the advisory council "Platinum Ounce", which included top officials of the largest pharmaceutical companies, science, representatives of regulatory agencies, professional associations, pharmacy chains and distribution companies, has done a tremendous job in determining the award winners.

«Together with experts, we have tried to determine the best trends and industry events, which, in our opinion, deserve to be marked" Platinum ounce ".Experts circle was wide, opinions are very mixed.But the community of experts selected the winners, and the results of the competition objective.This is the industry's view on itself ", - he said.

According to Yuri Krestinsky, who retired in 2013 was very mixed in terms of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, and the political and economic developments in 2014 have led many to consider it a crisis for the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

«designated by the same hieroglyph, In Chinese the word" crisis "and" opportunity "- he said.- I think that if any difficulties and will travel with us in 2014, we will be able to find and use, and a lot of positive benefit to the pharmaceutical industry, and all the inhabitants of our country. "

second time an official partner of the "Platinum Ounce" was the company Galderma."I sincerely believe that the" Platinum Ounce "- this is the" Oscar "in the pharmaceutical world, we have no other competitions and awards in addition to this", - said General Director for Russia and CIS Denis Patrashev.

He expressed his satisfaction that the "Platinum Ounce" is awarded not only for the commercial success of the most successful withdrawal of the drug or the best performance distributor turnover or a chemist's network "The award is given also for social projects.We always remember that pharmaceuticals is different from other industries.We are engaged in products, drugs that help people to be healthier and more beautiful. "

just win in different categories were handed 15 "Platinum ounces."The two products were awarded special prizes of the contest."Hondrogard" Company "Sotex" won in the nomination "Recognition of the Year" as the best injectable chondroprotector on the sales results of 2013."Anvimaks" Company "AnviLab" became the first in the "Dynamics of the Year" for the achievement of high performance marketing.In the special categories "For effective development of business and strong financial results," won the management company of pharmacy network "Doctor Stoletov" and "Ozerki".

This is the fifth consecutive year, the audit results of the competition held by the company EY (formerly Ernst and Young)."I want to confirm that the vote on all nominations was held in full compliance with the regulations of the competition, all the results are absolutely objective, fair, and they can be fully trusted," - said partner The EY, responsible for auditing companies of the pharmaceutical industry, Alexander Horowicz.

festive atmosphere this evening have created wonderful artists, among whom were the soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre, artist virtuoso balalaika Alexey Arkhipovsky and show-ballet "Le Corsaire".

highlight of the program was the performance of the "accident", caused a storm of applause.One of the most exciting moments of the evening was the drawing of a diamond, which by lot found a host among the guests of the ceremony.The lucky winner of the prize was the executive director of "Selba" Alexander Zhilov.

Contest Organising Committee expresses its deepest gratitude to the partners - the company Galderma, and the company "Astellas" and personally Dejan Jovanovic.

Yevgeny Arsenyev

With the victory in the nomination "The vector, the" Sub-nomination "Launch of the Year" head of sales, marketing, prescription drugs and tender business Deepak Singh and Oksana Markova, National Sales Manager of the company "Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited", congratulated the head of the Department for control over social sphere and trade, the Federal Antimonopoly service, Timothy Nizhegorodtsev.

ceremony of awarding the winners of the competition was opened by Director of the Institute of Public Health, Yuri Krestinsky.

CEO «DSM Group» Sergei Shuljak presented the award to the Director General of JSC "PharmFirma" Sotex "Vitaly Smerdova in the special category of the organizing committee for the best injection hondoprotektor on the sales results of 2013.

award in the special category of the Organizing Committee for the effective development of business and higher financial result, was awarded the management company of pharmacy network "Doctor Stoletov" and "Ozerki", which held one of the largest associations in the market pharmacy networks in 2013, which allowedincrease the company's turnover by 3.5 times.

expert competition, Vice-President for Russia and CIS, "Astellas", Dejan Jovanovic told journalists about the results of the competition and the forecast for 2014.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Sergey Tsyb awarded the prize "Platinum Ounce 2013" in nomination "The original drug is" representative "Valenta Pharmaceuticals."

OFFICIALLYREGISTERED competition partner and general manager, Russia and CIS "Galderma" Denis Patrashev.

The new category "generic drugs" winner has been determined - the company "Teva".Yuri Ulyashev, CEO of advertising agency "Aaron Lloyd" congratulated Irina Kovalchuk, Head of Business Unit branded prescription drugs and Konstantin Dubinin, Director of External Relations with the victory and gave the win the prize.

Managing Director «Dentsu Aegis Network Russia», Mikhail Voschinsky and representative of the company "Pharmstandard", received the award competition "Platinum Ounce 2013" in the nomination "The Russian pharmaceutical products manufacturer».

winners and nominees

Russian manufacturer of drugs

  • Valenta

foreign manufacturer medicines

  • TEVA

Distributor PM

  • Protek

OTC Product

  • Kagocel
  • Linex


  • Neurox

original drug

  • ingavirin
  • Kaletra
  • MabThera A

Pharmacy chain

  • A.VE
  • A5
  • implosion

regional drugstore chain

  • lakes

Project of the Year

  • «All-Russian social-educational program"The pulse of life."CJSC «Bayer»
  • «Unified Communication System« AlphaOne »."ASNA" LLC
  • educational program "More than education."OOO «Pfizer»
  • organization and so orzhestvennoe the opening of Russia's first plant for the production of genetically engineered insulin full cycle of man."Geropharm" LLC

Launch year


Dynamics, the (company)

  • Galderma
  • F-Synthesis
  • Obolensky

Dynamics years (trademark - a market segment)

  • VIKS
  • ingavirin
  • Kagocel

Dynamics years (trademark - State segment)

  • Lucentis

pharmacy year

  • MUP "TSRA №29" - Spassk-Far (Primorye)
  • pharmacy "SIA-7" - Krasnoyarsk
  • Central regional drugstore №88- Mr. Okhansk (RUS)
  • KOGUP "Interdistrict pharmacy №7» - Kirov region

employer of the year

  • Pfizer
  • Berlin Chemie
  • Bayer
  • Sanofi

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