It hurts to step on the heel : the main causes and treatment

It hurts to step on the heel : the main causes and treatment
often hears complaints from patients that hurt to step on the heel.The most common cause of this condition is plantar fasciitis.In people, it is called "heel spurs".

painful to step on the heel: the main reasons

most common cause of heel pain is the "heel spurs" - a disease of the musculoskeletal system, associated with inflammation of the tendon fixed to the calcaneal tuber.

This pain can have a different intensity, aggravated by stress, prolonged standing on his feet, walking in high heels.Sometimes the pain at the moment there are only a support on the heel, but can be given across the foot (plantar fascia on the tendons).

In some cases, heel pain can become so intense that the patient can not move, does not sleep at night because of the pain, but at the same time in the morning he needs time to warm up and adapt to discomfort.

Most like heel pain due to "heel spurs" occur in people older than 40-50 years, at least - at a younger age.

reason that hurt to step on the heel, often is an inflamma

tion of the surface of the bone - the periosteum with the deposition of calcium salts in it, and the formation of bony outgrowths - osteophytes, as well as inflammation of the adjacent periarticular bag - bursa (bursitis).


What if painful to step on the heel

If heel pain is recommended to refer to the traumatologist or surgeon.After inspecting it usually refers the patient to X-rays, which in most cases and revealed osteophyte bone - "heel spurs".

If you hurt stepping on the heel because of the "heel spurs", recommended:

  • observe gentle treatment with a reduction of physical activity;
  • wear special orthopedic insoles that reduce the vertical load on the heel and evenly distribute it on foot;
  • conducting physical therapy prescribed by a doctor (magnetic therapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy, shockwave therapy, phonophoresis, electrophoresis with medicines, compresses and medicated baths);
  • conducting acupuncture sessions, therapeutic massage and osteopathic treatment;
  • holding local therapy and massage with lubrication heel and plantar regions of the anti-inflammatory ointment prescribed by the doctor (ortofenovoy, voltarenovoy, indometacin, bishofitovoy, Fastum-gel, etc.), in small circular motions from rubbing her toes toward the ankle.

All these treatments restore microcirculation and lymph tissues in patients, help to eliminate pain and swelling, relieve muscle tension and spasm.

When the effectiveness of the procedure is still not sufficient, additional trauma surgeon conducting the blockade throughout the heel drugs such as hydrocortisone, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anesthetics.

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