Furatsilin for gargling : how to prepare a solution

Furatsilin for gargling : how to prepare a solution
If you have a sore throat or developed angina, you can not do without an active local antiseptic and antimicrobial therapy.With active rinses provided full compliance with all recommendations can cure colds quickly and without complications.One of the means is furatsilin for gargling.

Furatsilin for gargling: what kind of drug

Furatsilin (Furacilinum) - is a synthetic antimicrobial agent for indoor and outdoor use.It is a powder or tablet bright yellow.

drug widely and has long been known.Ever since childhood, my mother often cooked us furatsilina solution for gargling.This drug has an antiseptic effect, instantaneously sterilize the mouth and has the effect of antibiotics, with the regular use of stable for 5-6 days destroying pathogens mouth and pharynx.

For the treatment and prevention of inflammatory processes use alcohol and water solutions furatsilina, in some cases, and it is used in.

When and who shows furatsilin

Furatsilin when applied topically safe and secure means which it is possib

le to apply for a gargle for adults and children from the age when they can gargle without the help of adults and not to swallow the solution.

This same preparation can be used in pregnant and lactating mothers locally at catarrhal and purulent diseases of the throat.Furatsilin also used for burns, festering wounds, bedsores and ulcers, weeping eczema and frostbite.It is used for the treatment of post-operative wounds and bandaging.When purulent inflammation furatsilin particularly well-proven in the treatment of angina and stomatitis.

Furatsilin for gargling: how to cook

solution Pharmacies usually sell tablets or powders furatsilina 0.01 and 0.02 g per 200 ml of liquid is necessary to 0.02 g furatsilina.Tablets furatsilina poorly soluble in water and cooking liquor from the tablets have gone to 12 hours.To expedite the process, it is necessary to crush the tablets into powder.For preparation

given therapeutic concentration of the solution to 1000 ml of water must be 5 tablets of 0.02 g or 10 tablets 0.01 g

necessary to use distilled water, but can be applied to a conventional, thoroughly boiled and filtered.The water temperature should be about 40-50 degrees in cold water slightly soluble powder and a strong hot, above 60 degrees, it loses some of its antimicrobial activity.

solution must be carefully interfere with approximately 5-10 minutes to complete dissolution of the crystals, otherwise the concentration is insufficient.The more you grind the powder, the more will dissolve furatsilin.After dissolving the powder solution should drain through cheesecloth to furatsilina crystals shining onto the mucous membranes, it is very undesirable.

storage and use conditions furatsilina solution to rinse the throat

It is best to cook furatsilina solution for one or two times and always use only fresh solution in the form of heat.But you can cook once liter of solution and keep it two or three days in the refrigerator, be sure to tightly closed, using the necessary amount of rinse throat and warming up to 40-50 degrees.

recommended to rinse the throat with a solution of soda or water before use furatsilina solution to remove excess mucus and enhance the effect.Sometimes furatsilina solution is recommended to add 35 drops of alcoholic tincture of calendula or a tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Gargle solution furatsilina need at least three to five minutes, as the active rinsing throat itself, and oral cavity.Rinse procedure is repeated four to six times per day.


furatsilina solution for topical use are generally well tolerated, but like any other drug, on furatsilin possible allergic reactions and individual sensitivity.Then, the drug should be canceled.

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