What is a special school for blind children

Very often the parents, the child in a specialized boarding school, do not even know what it is and what will happen to the child after its completion.

Special school - is:

  • institution employing teachers with defectological education and qualification, tiflopedagogi holding techniques and methods of teaching blind children (they can teach a blind child around to what his peers are taught in regular school);
  • school, equipped with special equipment for training and education of blind children (in the school program, children receive not only knowledge of the main subjects, but also a lot of life skills);
  • school where training lasts 12 years instead of 11 (for children with visual impairment study provides more difficult);
  • school where specialists work, the main task of which is to preserve the child's vision, as well as allow it to adapt to the modern world (a direct part in this take, psychologists, therapists, teachers of physical education and others.);
  • school, in classes where the number of st
    udents in a few times less than usual, mass school (10 to 12), so the teacher has the opportunity to pay more attention to each child.

Special school - is primarily residential care, where children spend the whole week, and sometimes the entire quarter, and the life in these institutions is not reminiscent of family education.

have training in a specialized school enough minuses:

  • students usually are not able to communicate with strangers, are not able to interact in society;
  • children have a low level of interaction with parents;
  • training in the school creates an indifferent attitude of parents in the formation of the personality of the child, especially if there are other children;
  • often blind can not forgive the betrayal on the part of the parents, believing that they were deceived.

Thus, a blind child's parents need to think before you give the child to a special school.If the other is not possible, do not forget about it and be sure to come and take him home, not only for the holidays but also at any time possible.

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